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Bilderberg Group ORGANIZATION Founded in 1954, the Bilderberg Group holds "by invitation only" annual meetings of the rich and powerful. About two-thirds of the attendees are European, the rest American. Informally named for the site of the group's first meeting, the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands.

Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
Josef Ackermann Business 7-Feb-1948   CEO of Deutsche Bank
Umberto Agnelli Business 1-Nov-1934 27-May-2004 Chairman of Fiat, 2003-04
Fouad Ajami Author 9-Sep-1945   Director of Middle East Studies, SAIS
Paul Allaire Business 21-Jul-1938   Twice CEO of Xerox
Graham T. Allison Scholar 23-Mar-1940   Kennedy School of Government
Joaquin Almunia Politician 17-Jun-1948   EU Economic Affairs Commissioner
Ed Balls Politician 25-Feb-1967   British MP, Normanton
Robert L. Bartley Editor 12-Oct-1937 10-Dec-2003 Editor of the Wall Street Journal, 1979-2003
Evan Bayh Politician 26-Dec-1955   US Senator from Indiana
Queen Beatrix I Royalty 31-Jan-1938   Queen of the Netherlands
Ben Bernanke Economist 13-Dec-1953   Federal Reserve Chairman
Prince Bernhard Royalty 29-Jun-1911 1-Dec-2004 Prince of the Netherlands
Carl Bildt Head of State 15-Jul-1949   Foreign Minister of Sweden
Conrad Black Business 25-Aug-1944   Rapacious newspaper mogul
Charles G. Boyd Military 15-Apr-1938   Retired General, US Air Force
John Browne Business 20-Feb-1948   CEO of British Petroleum, 1995-2007
John H. Bryan Business 5-Oct-1936   CEO of Sara Lee, 1975-2000
William F. Buckley Columnist 24-Nov-1925 27-Feb-2008 National Review
William Bundy Government 24-Sep-1917 6-Oct-2000 Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ
Peter Carington Government 6-Jun-1919   UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82
Henri de Castries Business ?   CEO of AXA
Ahmed Chalabi Government 30-Oct-1944   Prominent on the Iraqi Provisional Council
Kenneth Clarke Politician 2-Jul-1940   Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1993-97
Bill Clinton Head of State 19-Aug-1946   42nd US President, 1993-2001
Marshall A. Cohen Business c. 1935   CEO of Molson, 1988-96
Timothy C. Collins Business c. 1956   Private equity, Ripplewood Holdings
Bertrand P. Collomb Business c. 1943   CEO of Lafarge SA, 1987-2003
Jon Corzine Politician 1-Jan-1947   Governor of New Jersey
Chester A. Crocker Government 29-Oct-1941   Asst. Secy. State, African Affairs, 1981-89
Claes Dahlbäck Business c. 1948   CEO of Investor AB, 1978-99
Tom Daschle Politician 9-Dec-1947   US Senator from South Dakota, 1987-2005
Paul G. Desmarais, Jr. Business 3-Jul-1954   Co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada
John Deutch Government 27-Jul-1938   CIA Director, 1995-96
Chris Dodd Politician 27-May-1944   US Senator from Connecticut
Thomas E. Donilon Attorney c. 1955   O'Melvany and Myers
Esther Dyson Business 14-Jul-1951   EDventure Holdings, former ICANN director
Dianne Feinstein Politician 22-Jun-1933   US Senator from California
Martin Feldstein Economist 25-Nov-1939   Reagan economist
Anthony S. Fell Business c. 1941   Chairman, RBC Capital Markets
Stephen Friedman Business 21-Dec-1937   Former Partner, Goldman Sachs
Thomas Friedman Journalist 20-Jul-1953   New York Times
Melinda Gates Philanthropist 15-Aug-1964   Married to Bill Gates
Timothy F. Geithner Government 18-Aug-1961   President of the New York Fed
David Gergen Columnist 9-May-1942   Advisor to Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
Paul Gigot Columnist c. 1955   Wall Street Journal columnist
Donald E. Graham Journalist 22-Apr-1945   Washington Post CEO
Katharine Graham Publisher 16-Jun-1917 17-Jul-2001 Washington Post publisher, 1966-79
Richard Haass Government 1951   President, Council on Foreign Relations
Chuck Hagel Politician 4-Oct-1946   US Senator from Nebraska
Richard C. Holbrooke Diplomat 24-Apr-1941   US Ambassador to UN, 1998-2001
Allan Hubbard Economist 8-Sep-1947   George W. Bush economist
Merit E. Janow Educator 13-May-1958   Professor of Int'l Affairs, Columbia University
Peter Jennings Journalist 29-Jul-1938 7-Aug-2005 Former anchor, ABC World News Tonight
James A. Johnson Business 24-Dec-1943   CEO of Fannie Mae, 1991-98
J. Bennett Johnston Politician 10-Jun-1932   US Senator from Louisiana, 1972-97
Vernon Jordan Business 15-Aug-1935   Advisor to Bill Clinton
Henry Kissinger Government 27-May-1923   Secretly bombed Cambodia
Klaus Kleinfeld Business 6-Nov-1957   President and COO of Alcoa
Andrew S. B. Knight Journalist 1-Nov-1939   Editor of The Economist, 1974-86
Henry Kravis Business 6-Jan-1944   Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Marie-Josée Kravis Economist 11-Sep-1949   President of MoMA
Bill Kristol Columnist 23-Dec-1952   Editor of The Weekly Standard
Jan Leschly Business ?   CEO of SmithKline Beecham, 1994-2000
William J. Luti Military c. 1952   NSC Defense Policy Adviser
Peter Mandelson Politician 21-Oct-1953   EU Commissioner for Trade
Jessica Tuchman Mathews Government 1946   Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Charles Mathias Politician 24-Jul-1922   US Senator from Maryland, 1969-87
William J. McDonough Business c. 1934   President of New York Fed, 1993-2003
Tom McKillop Business 19-Mar-1943   Chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland
George J. Mitchell Politician 20-Aug-1933   US Senator from Maine, 1980-95
Bill Moyers Journalist 6-Jun-1934   NOW with Bill Moyers
Craig Mundie Business c. 1949   CTO of Microsoft
George Pataki Politician 24-Jun-1945   Governor of New York, 1995-2006
Henry M. Paulson Business 28-Mar-1946   US Secretary of the Treasury
Frank H. Pearl Business c. 1943   CEO of Perseus LLC
Richard Perle Government 16-Sep-1941   Prince of Darkness
Fredrik Reinfeldt Head of State 4-Aug-1965   Prime Minister of Sweden
Bill Richardson Politician 15-Nov-1947   Governor of New Mexico
Rozanne L. Ridgway Diplomat 22-Aug-1935   Asst. Secy. of State for Europe, 1985-89
Don Riegle Politician 4-Feb-1938   US Senator from Michigan, 1976-95
David Rockefeller Business 12-Jun-1915   Founder of the Trilateral Commission
Charlie Rose Talk Show Host 5-Jan-1942   Charlie Rose Show
Dennis B. Ross Diplomat c. 1949   US Middle East Envoy, 1992-2000
Lynn Forester de Rothschild Business 2-Jul-1954   Telecom executive
Mark Sanford Politician 28-May-1960   Governor of South Carolina
Eric Schmidt Business 1955   CEO of Google
Kathleen Sebelius Politician 15-May-1948   Governor of Kansas
John Shad Government 27-Jun-1923 Jul-1994 SEC Chairman, 1981-87
Robert B. Shapiro Business 4-Aug-1938   CEO of Monsanto, 1995-2000
George Shultz Government 13-Dec-1920   US Secretary of State, 1982-89
George Soros Business 12-Aug-1930   Hungarian financial speculator
Lesley Stahl Journalist 16-Dec-1941   60 Minutes
James B. Steinberg Government c. 1951   Deputy National Security Advisor, 1997-2001
Dennis Stevenson Business 19-Jul-1945   Chairman of HBOS
Lawrence H. Summers Economist 30-Nov-1954   US Treasury Secretary, 1999-2001
Peter Sutherland Government 25-Apr-1946   First Director General of the WTO
Peter Thiel Business 1967   Co-Founder of PayPal
Jean-Claude Trichet Business 20-Dec-1942   President, European Central Bank
John Vinocur Journalist ?   International Herald Tribune correspondent
Vin Weber Politician 24-Jul-1952   Congressman from Minnesota, 1981-93
John C. Whitehead Business 1922   US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89
James Wolfensohn Business 1-Dec-1933   World Bank president, 1995-2005
Paul Wolfowitz Government 22-Dec-1943   World Bank president, 2005-07
Daniel Yergin Author 6-Feb-1947   The Prize
Robert Zoellick Government 25-Jul-1953   World Bank president

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