Conference: Unconditional Basic Income.

Conference: Unconditional Basic Income – Emancipating European Welfare

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April 10 @ 09:3017:30

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After one year of campaigning for the European Citizens’
Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income, we are still actively
continuing on the path towards finding an intelligent approach to
European citizens’ real needs, particularly those generated by poverty.
The Initiative won the support of over 300,000 people in less than a

Since then, a network involving people and organisations from 25 countries has come together to carry on the Initiative’s aims.

At this conference we would like to consolidate this network by
reflecting both on what has happened in the past year and on our future

Our main aim is for unconditional basic income to be implemented
throughout the EU. There are also moves underway to get UBI recognised
as a human right under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (Article 1:
Human Dignity).

We hope that you will be able to attend our conference on 10 April
2014, and actively participate in the discussion of ideas which will be
presented there. We would be grateful if we could receive your
confirmation by April 7th, 5PM.

Please RSVP by e-mail:


Moderation: Karl Widerquist (BIEN)

  • 09:30  Welcome from European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
  • 09.40  Welcome from Barb Jacobson, Chair, Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE)
  • 09:50 Amana Ferro, European Anti Poverty Network: Situation with income poverty and hidden poverty in Europe
  • 10:05  Questions & Answers
  • 10.15  Ronald Blaschke, Co-Founder and Member of the Board of
    Netzwerk Grundeinkommen Germany: Unconditional Basic Income –
    Consistently against (hidden) poverty and for real freedom for everyone
  • 10:30 Q&A
  • 10:40 Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Citizens Manifesto for European Democracy, Solidarity and
    Equality – Different Needs and Solutions. Elena Dalibot, European
    Alternatives, Project Coordinator
  • 11:15 Q&A
  • 11:25 Gerald Häfner, MEP, Greens: Development of ECI and EU-Referendum – tools for more democracy in the EU
  • 11:40 Q&A
  • 11:50 David Casassas, Member of BIEN, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Democracy and Unconditional Basic Income
  • 12:05 Q&A
  • 12:15 Werner Rätz, Attac Germany, Working Group Enough for all and
    Working Group Beyond the Growth: Degrowth, Health and Unconditional
    Basic Income
  • 12:30 Q&A (ten minutes) and General Discussion

13.00 Lunch Break

  • 14:00 Philippe Van Parijs, Chair of Advisory Board of BIEN: Euro- Dividend – An example for an partial basic income in Europe
  • 14:15 Q&A
  • 14:25 Guy Standing, Honorary Co-President of BIEN: What can we learn
    from Namibian and Indian experiments with unconditional cash transfers?
  • 14:40 Q&A
  • 14:50 BREAK
  • 15:20 Building the European Movement for an UBI – Panel
    • Stanislas Jourdan, French Movement for UBI: How the ECI woke up the European movement
    • Valerija Korosec, UBI Slovenia: Running in the EU elections for UBI
    • Vahur Luhtsalu, UBI Estonia: Learning-by-doing: How we jumped on the ECI-UBI train (and what are the lessons learned)
    • Plamen Dimitrov, president of CITUB, Bulgarian Trade Union: Why Bulgarian trade unions are supporting UBI
    • Tomas Haimann, UBI Czech Republic: Perspectives from Eastern Countries
    • Samuel Pulido, UBI Spain, presentation on the Spanish Popular Initiative for UBI
    • Anna-Béa Duparc, BIEN Switzerland: Lessons from the Swiss Federal
      Initiative for UBI and perspectives with the nationwide referendum
    • Lena Stark, UBI Sweden: UBI in the context of advanced welfare countries
    • Klaus Sambor, Runder Tisch Grundeinkommen Austria: The movement for UBI as part of wider social movements in Europe
    • Dr. Mihaela Meresi, Romanian Open Society Abroad (DP-ROSA): UBI as
      fundamental principle of political, economic and social redesign in
      Europe: building the Ethocratic Union
  • 17:20 Closing address
  • 17:30 finished

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