Europe: … Lodges of Cardsharpers


Dear Europeans, Strasbourg, November 11, 2016
Our judiciary system is irredeemably degenerated. It is an obsolete soviet model, where first instance procedural truths are corroborated by the superior instances up to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) by copy/paste without carrying out the slightest plausibility test. One apparatchik is controlling the other one. Nothing useful can be the result. 
Of the 60 to 70‘000 complaints, which arrive per year in Strasbourg, 90 – 98 % are turned down with a text module of half a page. The complaints are not even read. Afterwards, they are destroyed. This is falsification of History. 
The case of Switzerland: Our Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier BURKHALTER congratulated himself for the 40th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation having joined the Eurpean Convention of Human Rights, that Strasbourg had accepted just 1.6 % of all complaints coming from Switzerland during that period (Report of the Federal Council of November 19, 2014). This shall mean: We do have the almost perfect Constitutional State. The whole world does believe it. 
In the tale of H.C. Andersen «The Emperor’s new cloths» a child was suddenly shouting: «But the Emperor is naket !»
It is anyway irrealistic to believe that 98,4 % of the Swiss filing complaints in Strasbourg were all together querulous, not able to distinguish Good from Evil. The benders of the Law and twisters of the truth in black Judge’s robes are kidding whole Europe, not only us Swiss. In our country, the arbitrariness of the authorities is catching 1 out of 20 inhabitants during a lifetime, according to cautious estimations. The great majority of my fellow citizens are on the other side spoiled by an unprecedent welfare, and are not really curious about tragic destinies of some of their fellow dwellers. Meanwhile, our hidden Oligarchs are entertaining the corruption in their favor. 
Comparatively, the judiciary banditism is having yet a completly other dimension in the former communist coutries, such as Croatia, Montenegro etc. Strasbourg is backing blindly as well that Judge rabble. 
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) destroys the European civilization !
The European Judges have ambushed themselves with their illegal and unmotivated decisions. Their court is the greatest injustice factory worldwide: If its victims of the last ¼ of a century – the owners of those half a page text modules – will overcome the censorship of the Mass Media, we will address a potential of 1 Million persons who where cheated of their right. If only a part of them will find together, we will be far more numerous than those lies and deceit Judges, and even adding the some 600 sleepy heads of Members of the Council of Europe, living from the wallets oft he European Tax payers !
Victims of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR): Contact me ! Let’s abolish the ECHR !
Save Europe ! Salve Europa !

Appeal for donations
SALVE EUROPA ! is an association of judiciary victims of Europe. We defend the interests of the consumers of Justice. Our experience is proving the European Court of Human Rights to be a larg scale cardshaper Lodge. The European Judges are served by the European Tax payers lifelong with ongoing generous supply checks. As a counterpart, they are violating permanently article 45 of the European Convention of Human Rights, i.e. their imperative obligation to motivate their decisions. 
Instead of realizing the expected quality check, they are having a lazy life. 
SALVE EUROPA ! has the objective to overcome the censorship endorsed by the European Mass Media in this respect. We want to unit the judiciary victims by communicating with any means of communication, with the aim to replace the actual irredeemably degenerated judiciary system by an efficient model. Let’s abolish the ECHR !
Therefore, we need volunteers and financial assets. You can transfer your contribution to the Swiss Postal Giro Account SALVE EUROPA ! IBAN: CH65 0900 0000 3163 8688 3 and contact us at the following address:

c/o Gerhard ULRICH
Avenue de Lonay 17
CH-1110 Morges
0041 21 801 22 88 
Cordialement Votre Gerhard ULRICH

(c) Volker Hoffmann, Revolutionsstadt Rastatt,

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