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      A marriage certificate provides substantive and conclusive proof of marriage. It is one of the certificates of vital registrations furnished by the state. Usually when acquiring a spousal visa one needs to furnish the marriage certificate. However, you can be asked to present the certificate at any time by the Visa authority irrespective of the visa category.

      The necessity of proper translation: Self-translation of a marriage certificate is not recognized by visa authorities. Also, a poorly timed translation can lead to legal issues, financial loss, and embarrassments. As such, visa and citizenship authorities demand a certified translation for all vital documentation.

      What is a certified translation?

      Certified translation refers to an accurate translation and an actual representation of the original. Certified translations can be referred to as attributed translation as well. A certificate of accuracy goes along with every certified translation. The certificate of accuracy gives an account of who the translator is along with the seal and signature of the translator. The industry standard translations for vital certificates are provided by ATA (American Translators Association) members.

      Bad translation results in the rejection of claims for citizenship and immigration. So, when translating vital certificates, be on the lookout for translation services that translate as per USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) compliance. 

      The information included in a Marriage certificate 

      According to the UN, a marriage certificate (the original as well as translated one) should include a bare minimum of date of occurrence, date of registration, place of occurrence, type of marriage (religious, customary, or civil) along with data on bride and groom.

       When is marriage certificate translation required? 

      1. Required when you are getting married abroad
      2. Lodging Visa claims for you or your spouse
      3. Filing for citizenship 
      4. To claim various social security benefits, resolve insurance claims, and legal issues
      5. Getting divorced

      Traditional translation vs. Online translation: The process of manually acquiring marriage certificate translation is cumbersome. First, you need to find a certified translator, after translation you have to acquire a certificate of accuracy and also get the translation notarized. This will in total take you weeks. However, an online marriage certificate translation services will help you expedite the process. You can enjoy the translation in the comfort of your backyard.

      How online translation will help? 

      All you have to do is upload your certificate. A certified (usually ATA) translator will get your marriage certificate translated. Then the certificate is proofread to subdue any unforeseen errors. After proofreading the certificate is sent back to you. This process is applicable in translating any of your certificates from one language into any other language. 

      Online translations ensure that the finest translation is achieved at affordable cost and lightning-fast turnover rates. Online certificate translations also ensure confidentiality, professionalism, and transparent-nominal charges. Along with ease of translation from one language to any other chosen language, translations come notarized and with a statement of accuracy. And the process is not limited to the marriage certificate. divorce decree translation service can easily help in the translation of your certificates. Remember online translation for rapid, seamless, and timely translation.

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