Freedom of Expression: Facing Up to the Threat of a war

Freedom of Expression: Facing Up to the Threat of a world war ?

Union for the Truth and for Al Jazeera:

The National Human Rights Committee of the State of Qatar in cooperation with the International Federation for the Protection of Journalists and the International Press Institute has organized an international conference on “Freedom of Expression: Facing Up to the Threat ” in Doha from 24 to 25 July 2017.
The Conference is discussing how to:
  • Address the enforcement of international human rights law, instruments and procedures with regards to freedom of opinion and expression and access to information;
  • Address the problems and challenges to international human rights law in connection with modern communication technology;
  • Protect and support journalists and promote pluralistic, independent and free media;
  • Enhance the protection of journalists in hostile zones and conflict areas and end impunity for crimes against journalists;
  • Raise up to ethical challenges, in particular threats posed by the resurgence of racism as well as cultural and religious conflicts, and rekindle a positive ethic for the profession.
MM Benoît Ouellet and François de Siebenthal have been interwied by various TV and will pass soon at the news in many countries, in French or in English, not. in Algeria, Soudan, Iran and Quatar.

They are working for the newspaper “ ” and the institution  ” Louis Even”  based in Canada since 1939.
This newspaper is published in 4 languages, ( French, English, Spanish and Polish )
and has more than 50’000 paying subscribers all over the world and millions of people connected in a way or an other.

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