NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich

At least 5 countries have NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich, i.e.  a 0 ( zero, none )  limit, that means private banks can create debts with interests as much as they can…..leading to unfair competition and crisis… and wars…
Those very huge amounts are leading to huge amount of interests to be paid, even if the interest rate is low.

Country   Required reserve ratio/%     
Australia None
Canada None
Mexico None
Sweden None
United Kingdom None

Other countries have required reserve ratios (or RRRs) that are statutorily enforced (sourced from Lecture 8, Slide 4: Central Banking and the Money Supply, by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich ( based on 2003 survey of CBC participants at the Study Center Gerzensee[2] ):

In crisis times, value ot many assets are collapsing but most debts are kept intact thanks to the support of the politicians to the bankers, leading to more troubles in all the others segments of the populations.

Politicians will protect taxes to be sure to have better conditions for themselves and for the bankers.

Most taxes are going first to pay the huge and insane salaries of the bankers. Who are the real owners of all those very huge amounts, trillions and trillions ??? ). What do they do with ?  Wars ? Manipulations ? Viruses ?

Under Pres. Carter, prime rate was above 20 % !

Dear  Francois,
                                You  are  absolutely correct about the banks having the right to create   “credit”  with its  corollary of “Interest Bearing Debt  to the  creator”,  such creation functioning  as  “Money”   wherever it is used.     New  Zealand Ministers  of the  Crown,  like  expert witnesses   in  Commission Hearings and investigations are  currently  acknowledging that  only  around  3% of   the national  so-called   “M1”  Money Supplies  exist as  legal  tender created  by  central government administrations.  
This  admits that the other 97%   of  the   official  “Money Supply”   has been created  out of nothing  as  debt by , and to , the banking system, by the  members of that sector.   Put  another way,   the  figures  in computers that  currently  function as  “Money”    are  just  reflections of  debts owed by  individuals,  enterprises,  and  all  local  and central governments,  to   members of the  Finance Sector;  mainly  the  Banks. 
When  the late President Abraham Lincoln stated , ” If the American people ever discover how  the finance system really works,  there will be a revolution before  breakfast ” ,  he was  dead  serious.   It is  fear of this   contingency  which  causes the  Finance Sector,  and all the  parties which,  for   whatever reasons  want the present  privileges and  arrangements to  continue ,  that  motivates  their  unofficial representatives  to  accept all  sorts of conventions  and  apparent  restrictions to  continue.   Such  concessions,  even extending to the payment of interest on deposits with   lending  institutions of all kinds,  are accepted because they  not only  confuse the issue,  they appear to  “prove”   that banks  lend their deposits.   Factually,  all they   do is  prop up the  “Myth”  of deposit  lending,  which  all supporters of the  Debt Finance System  hide  behind;  some  for reasons of  complicity,  and others  through outright ignorance. 
Until  the  right to  create  and own  national money supplies  is  reclaimed by  representative governments, and spent  into  circulation by  them, without  debt,  but  limited  to   the proper  balance with the circulating value of Goods  and  Services,   then  the legal  extortion by the  Finance Sector  will continue.       Only  then will it be possible for  we  human  beings  to have  and  enjoy   the  wealth we  are creating , using   currently
available  resources,  without  mortgaging our  children  to  the  Banking Sector.    We need  another  Abe Lincoln. 

Une réponse sur “NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich”

  1. Dear Francois,
    You are absolutely correct about the banks having the right to create "credit" with its corollary of "Interest Bearing Debt to the creator", such creation functioning as "Money" wherever it is used. New Zealand Ministers of the Crown, like expert witnesses in Commission Hearings and investigations are currently acknowledging that only around 3% of the national so-called "M1" Money Supplies exist as legal tender created by central government administrations.
    This admits that the other 97% of the official "Money Supply" has been created out of nothing as debt by , and to , the banking system, by the members of that sector. Put another way, the figures in computers that currently function as "Money" are just reflections of debts owed by individuals, enterprises, and all local and central governments, to members of the Finance Sector; mainly the Banks.
    When the late President Abraham Lincoln stated , " If the American people ever discover how the finance system really works, there will be a revolution before breakfast " , he was dead serious. It is fear of this contingency which causes the Finance Sector, and all the parties which, for whatever reasons want the present privileges and arrangements to continue , that motivates their unofficial representatives to accept all sorts of conventions and apparent restrictions to continue. Such concessions, even extending to the payment of interest on deposits with lending institutions of all kinds, are accepted because they not only confuse the issue, they appear to "prove" that banks lend their deposits. Factually, all they do is prop up the "Myth" of deposit lending, which all supporters of the Debt Finance System hide behind; some for reasons of complicity, and others through outright ignorance.
    Until the right to create and own national money supplies is reclaimed by representative governments, and spent into circulation by them, without debt, but limited to the proper balance with the circulating value of Goods and Services, then the legal extortion by the Finance Sector will continue. Only then will it be possible for we human beings to have and enjoy the wealth we are creating , using currently
    available resources, without mortgaging our children to the Banking Sector. We need another Abe Lincoln.
    So writes Don Bethune of Godzone (New Zealand)

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