No more taxes paid by humans but only by robots and machines, why and how ?

Too many taxes done by “legal” gangsters…

Interesting List of Taxes that exist today

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
Capital Gains Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Court Fines (indirect taxes)
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel permit tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)
Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Local Income Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Septic Permit Tax
Service Charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Road Toll Booth Taxes
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone federal excise tax
Telephone federal universal service fee tax
Telephone federal, state and
local surcharge taxes
Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
Telephone state and local tax
Telephone usage charge tax
Toll Bridge Taxes
Toll Tunnel Taxes
Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
Trailer Registration Tax
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

“Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world and only one parent had to work to support the family.”


Here is a list of some taxes imposed (government revenue sources)

    1. Accounts Receivable Tax
    2. Accumulated Earnings Tax The Professor says, "Accumulated earnings tax"
    3. Ad Valorem Tax (includes duties on imported items), also see Property tax Ad valorem tax
    1. Alternative Minimum Tax Alternative minimum tax
    1. Aviation Fuel Tax Aviation fuel tax
    1. Capital Gains Tax Capital gains tax
    1. Cement and Gypsum Producers License Tax Cement producers license tax
    1. Cigarette Tax Cigarette Tax
    1. Coal Severance Tax
    1. Coal Gross Proceeds Tax Coal gross proceeds tax
    1. Consumer Counsel Tax Consumer council tax
    1. Consumption Tax Consumption tax
    1. Corporate Income Tax Corporate income tax
    1. Corporation License Tax
    1. Court Fines (revenue from many activities) Court fines
    1. Customs Duty Customs duty
    1. Dog License Tax Dog license tax
    1. Double Tax Double taxation
    1. Electrical Energy Producers Tax
    1. Estate Tax, Inheritance Estate Tax, Inheritance tax
    1. Federal Income Tax Federal income tax
    1. Federal Unemployment Tax Federal unemployment tax
    1. Fishing License Tax Fishing license tax
    1. Food Service License Tax Food service license tax
    1. Fuel Permit License Tax Fuel permit license tax
    1. Gas Guzzler Tax Gas guzzler tax
    1. Gasoline Tax (8 to 35 cents per gallon) Per tank? Gasoline tax
    1. Generation-skipping Transfer Tax
    1. Gift Tax Gift tax
    1. Gross Production Tax
    1. Hospital Facility Utilization Fee Tax Hospital facility utilization fee tax
    1. Hunting License Fee Tax Hunting license tax
    1. Inheritance Tax, see Estate Tax
    1. Inventory Tax Inventory tax
    1. IRS Interest Charges IRS interest charges
    1. IRS Penalties Tax IRS penalties
    1. Kiddie Tax Kiddie tax
    1. Land Value Tax Land value tax
    1. Liquor License Tax Liquor license tax
    1. Liquor Tax Liquor tax
    1. Local Tax
    1. Lodging Facility Use Tax Lodging facility use tax
    1. Luxury Tax Luxury tax
    1. Marriage License Tax Marriage license revenue
    1. Medicare Tax Medicare tax
    1. Metal Mines Gross Proceeds Tax
    1. Metal Mines License TaxMetal mines license tax
    1. Miscellaneous Mineral Mines License Tax Miscellaneous mineral mines license revenue
    1. Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds Tax Miscellaneous mines net proceeds tax
    1. Nursing Facility Bed Tax Nursing facility bed tax
    1. Oil and Natural Gas Production Tax Oil and Natural Gas production tax
    1. Parking Meter Tax Parking meter tax
    1. Payroll Tax Payroll tax
    1. Professional PrivilegeTax Professional privilege tax
    1. Property Tax Property tax
    1. Proxy Tax Proxy tax
    1. Public Contractor’s Gross Receipts Tax Public contractor's gross receipts tax
    1. Public Service Commission Tax
    1. Public Utility Tax Public utility tax
    1. Real Estate Tax Real estate tax
    1. Real Estate Transfer Tax Real estate transfer tax
    1. Rental Vehicle Sales Tax Rental vehicle sales tax
    1. Resort Tax Resort tax
    1. Resource Indemnity and Groundwater Assessment Tax Resource indemnity and groundwater assessment tax
    1. Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax Retail telecommunications excise tax
    1. Sales Tax Sales tax
    1. School Tax School tax
    1. Self-Employment Tax Self employment tax
    1. Septic Permit Tax Septic tank permit tax
    1. Severance Tax Severance tax
    1. Social Security Tax Social security tax
    1. State Income Tax State Income tax
    1. State Unemployment Tax State unemployment tax
    1. Statewide Emergency Telephone 911 System Fee Tax State 911 telephone tax
    1. Surtax Tax – Extra tax. Surtax - Extra tax
    1. Tariffs – A tax on imports. Needed to protect all the industries we used to have.
    1. Telephone Federal Excise Tax Telephone federal excise tax
    1. Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
      Since May of 1997, “This helps provide affordable phone service and gives schools, libraries, and rural healthcare providers access to the Internet.”
    1. Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    1. TDD Telecommunications Service Fee Tax TDD telecommunications service fee tax
    1. Tobacco Products Tax (Other than Cigarettes) Tobacco products tax
    1. Toll Road Fee Tax Toll road tax
    1. Toll Bridge Fee Tax Toll bridge fee tax
    1. Toll Tunnel Fee Tax Toll tunnel fee tax
    1. Tonnage Tax
    1. Traffic Fines Traffic fines
    1. Trailer Registration Fee Tax Trailer registration tax
    1. Use Tax Use tax
    1. Utility Tax, see Public Utility Tax
    1. Vehicle Registration and License Tax Vehicle registration and license tax
    1. Vehicle Sales Tax Vehicle sales tax
    1. Watercraft Registration Tax Watercraft registration tax
    1. Well Permit Tax Well permit tax
    1. Wholesale Energy Transaction Tax
  1. Workers Compensation Tax Workers compensation tax

What happened ?







IN THE NAME OF GOD – AMEN. Honor and the public weal are promoted when leagues are concluded for the proper establishment of quiet and peace.

Therefore, know all men, that the people of the valley of Uri, the democracy of the valley of Schwyz, and the community of the Lower Valley of Unterwalden, seeing the malice of the age, in order that they may better deffend themselves, and their own, and better preserve them in proper condition, have promised in good faith to assist each other with aid, with every counsel and every favor, with person and goods, within the valley and without, with might and main, against one and all, who may inflict upon any one of them any violence, molestation or injury, or may plot any evil against their persons or goods. And in every case each community has promised to succour the other when necessary, at its own expense, as far as needed in order to withstand the attacks of evil-doers, and to avenge injuries; to this end they have sworn a solemn oath to keep this without guile, and to renew by these presents the ancient form of the league, also confirmed by an oath.

Yet in such a manner that every man, according to his rank, shall obey and serve his overlord as ist behooves him.

We have also vowed, decreed and ordained in common council and by unanimous consent, that we will accept or receive no judge in the aforesaid valleys, who shall have obtained his office for any price, or for money in any way whatever, or one who shall not be a native or a resident with us. But if dissension shall arise between any of the Eidgenossen (confederates; Eid = oath, Genosse = fellow, comrade), the most prudent amongst the confederates shall come forth to settle the difficulty between the parties, as shall seem right to them; and whichever party rejects their verdict shall be held an adversary by the other confederates.

Furthermore it has been established between them that he who deliberately kills another without provocation, shall, if caught, lose his life, as his wicked guilt requires, unless he be able to prove his innocence of said crime; and if perchance he escape, let him never return. Those who conceal and protect said criminal shall be banished from the valley, until they be expressly recalled by the confederates.

But if any one of the confederates, by day, or in the silence of the night, shall maliciously injure another by fire, he shall never again be considered a fellow-countryman. If any man protect and defend the said evil-doer, he shall render satisfaction to the one who has suffered damage.

Furthermore, if any one of the confederates shall spoil another of his goods, or injure him in any way, the goods of the guilty one, if recovered within the valleys, shall be seized in order to pay damages to the injured person, according to justice.

Furthermore, no man shall seize another’s goods for debt, unless he be evidently his debtor or surety, and this shall only be done with the special permission of his judge.

Moreover, every man shall obey his judge, and if necessary, must himself indicate the judge in the valley, before whom he ought properly to appear. And if any one rebels against a verdict, and, in consequence of his obstinacy, any one of the confederates is injured, all the confederates are bound to compel the culprit to give satisfaction.

But if war or discord arise amongst any of the confederates and one party of the disputants refuse to accept the verdict of the judge or to give satisfaction, the confederates are bound to defend the other party.

The above-written statutes, decreed for the common welfare and benefit, shall endure forever, God willing. In testimony of which, at the request of the aforesaid parties, the present charter has been drawn up and confirmed with the seals of the aforesaid three communities and valleys.

So done in the year of the Lord 1291 at the beginning of the month of August.


The following is the text of an address Pope Benedict XVI gave to participants in the plenary session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. The topic of the meeting was “Pursuing the Common Good: How Solidarity and Subsidiarity Can Work Together.” Dear Brothers in the Episcopate and the Priesthood, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to have this occasion to meet with you as you gather for the fourteenth Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Over the last two decades, the Academy has offered a valuable contribution to the deepening and development of the Church’s social doctrine and its application in the areas of law, economics, politics and the various other social sciences. I thank Professor Margaret Archer for her kind words of greeting, and I express my sincere appreciation to all of you for your commitment to research, dialogue and teaching, so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ may continue to shed light on the complex situations arising in a rapidly changing world. In choosing the theme Pursuing the Common Good: How Solidarity and Subsidiarity Can Work Together, you have decided to examine the interrelationships between four fundamental principles of Catholic social teaching: the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity and solidarity (cf. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church,160-163). These key realities, which emerge from the living contact between the Gospel and concrete social circumstances, offer a framework for viewing and addressing the imperatives facing mankind at the dawn of the twenty-first century, such as reducing inequalities in the distribution of goods, expanding opportunities for education, fostering sustainable growth and development, and protecting the environment. How can solidarity and subsidiarity work together in the pursuit of the common good in a way that not only respects human dignity, but allows it to flourish? This is the heart of the matter which concerns you. As your preliminary discussions have already revealed, a satisfactory answer can only surface after careful examination of the meaning of the terms (cf. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Chapter 4). Human dignity is the intrinsic value of a person created in the image and likeness of God and redeemed by Christ. The totality of social conditions allowing persons to achieve their communal and individual fulfillment is known as the common good. Solidarity refers to the virtue enabling the human family to share fully the treasure of material and spiritual goods, and subsidiarity is the coordination of society’s activities in a way that supports the internal life of the local communities. Yet definitions are only the beginning. What is more, these definitions are adequately grasped only when linked organically to one another and seen as mutually supportive of one another. We can initially sketch the interconnections between these four principles by placing the dignity of the person at the intersection of two axes: one horizontal, representing “solidarity” and “subsidiarity”, and one vertical, representing the “common good”. This creates a field upon which we can plot the various points of Catholic social teaching that give shape to the common good. Though this graphic analogy gives us a rudimentary picture of how these fundamental principles imply one another and are necessarily interwoven, we know that the reality is much more complex. Indeed, the unfathomable depths of the human person and mankind’s marvellous capacity for spiritual communion – realities which are fully disclosed only through divine revelation – far exceed the capacity of schematic representation. The solidarity that binds the human family, and the subsidiary levels reinforcing it from within, must however always be placed within the horizon of the mysterious life of the Triune God (cf. Jn 5:26; 6:57), in whom we perceive an ineffable love shared by equal, though nonetheless distinct, persons (cf. Summa Theologiae, I, q. 42). My friends, I invite you to allow this fundamental truth to permeate your reflections: not only in the sense that the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity are undoubtedly enriched by our belief in the Trinity, but particularly in the sense that these principles have the potential to place men and women on the path to discovering their definitive, supernatural destiny. The natural human inclination to live in community is confirmed and transformed by the “oneness of Spirit” which God has bestowed upon his adopted sons and daughters (cf. Eph 4:3; 1 Pet 3:8). Consequently, the responsibility of Christians to work for peace and justice, their irrevocable commitment to build up the common good, is inseparable from their mission to proclaim the gift of eternal life to which God has called every man and woman. In this regard, the tranquillitas ordinis of which Saint Augustine speaks refers to “all things”: that is to say both “civil peace”, which is a “concord among citizens”, and the “peace of the heavenly city”, which is the “perfectly ordered and harmonious enjoyment of God, and of one another in God” (De
Civitate Dei, XIX, 13). The eyes of faith permit us to see that the heavenly and earthly cities interpenetrate and are intrinsically ordered to one another, inasmuch as they both belong to God the Father, who is “above all and through all and in all” (Eph 4:6). At the same time, faith places into sharper focus the due autonomy of earthly affairs, insofar as they are “endowed with
their own stability, truth, goodness, proper laws and order” (Gaudium et Spes, 36). Hence, you can be assured that your discussions will be of service to all people of good will, while simultaneously inspiring Christians to embrace more readily their obligation to enhance solidarity with and among their fellow citizens, and to act upon the principle of subsidiarity by promoting family life, voluntary associations, private initiative, and a public order that facilitates the healthy functioning of society’s most basic communities (cf. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 187). When we examine the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity in the light of the Gospel, we realize that they are not simply “horizontal”:! they both have an essentially vertical dimension. Jesus commands us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us (cf. Lk 6:31); to love our neighbour as ourselves (cf. Mat 22:35). These laws are inscribed by the Creator in man’s very nature (cf. Deus Caritas Est, 31). Jesus teaches that this love calls us to lay down our lives for the good of others (cf. Jn 15:12-13). In this sense, true solidarity – though it begins with an acknowledgment of the equal worth of the other – comes to fulfilment only when I willingly place my life at the service of the other (cf. Eph 6:21). Herein lies the “vertical” dimension of solidarity: I am moved to make myself less than the other so as to
minister to his or her needs (cf. Jn 13:14-15), just as Jesus “humbled himself” so as to give men and women a share in his divine life with the Father and the Spirit (cf. Phil 2:8; Mat 23:12). Similarly, subsidiarity – insofar as it encourages men and women to enter freely into life-giving relationships with those to whom they are most closely connected and upon whom they most immediately depend, and demands of higher authorities respect for these relationships – manifests a “vertical” dimension pointing towards the Creator of the social order (cf. Rom 12:16, 18). A society that honours the principle of subsidiarity liberates people from a sense of despondency and hopelessness, granting them the freedom to engage with one another in the spheres of commerce, politics and culture (cf. Quadragesimo Anno, 80). When those responsible for the public good attune themselves to the natural human desire for self-governance based on subsidiarity, they leave space for individual responsibility and initiative, but most importantly, they leave space for love (cf. Rom 13:8; Deus Caritas Est, 28), which always remains “the most excellent way! ” (cf. 1 Cor 12:31). In revealing the Father’s love, Jesus has taught us not only how to live as brothers and sisters here on earth; he has shown us that he himself is the way to perfect communion with one another and with God in the world to come, since it is through him that “we have access in one Spirit to the Father” (cf. Eph 2:18). As you strive to articulate the ways in which men and women can best promote the common good, I encourage you to survey both the “vertical” and “horizontal” dimensions of solidarity and subsidiarity. In this way, you will be able to propose more effective ways of resolving the manifold problems besetting mankind at the threshold of the third millennium, while also bearing witness to the primacy of love, which transcends and fulfils justice as it draws mankind into the very life of
God (cf. Message for the 2004 World Day of Peace). With these sentiments, I assure you of my prayers, and I cordially extend my Apostolic Blessing to you and your loved ones as a pledge of peace and joy in the Risen Lord. (c) Copyright 2008 – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

I understand that this will also add Provincial Tax (where only GST is charged now) on such things as work done by Contractors for home repairs and for new buildings (another 8% increase to discourage economic recovery!).


Hello Ontario,

This new RST/GST tax is not getting any coverage in the news paper/television and I am not sure why.  It is going to be the biggest tax increase in history.  It’s like no one wants to inform us of the facts.  I have been investigating and I would like to share my findings.

The new tax will be administered by the Federal Government.  It will be based on the GST, that means if the tax is currently collected on the Goods and Service Tax at 5% it is going to be increased to 13%, that sounds fine as Ontario’s Provincial Retail Sales Tax is 8%.  Add the two together and things seem fine.

One problem, Retail Sales Tax is not collected on everything that Goods and Services Tax is, the key word here is “Services”.  Retail Sales Tax is not collected on services.  What is going to increase?

Here is a small list of services currently only taxed at 5% going up to 13%.

Natural Gas bill
Internet bill
Water bill
Gas at the pumps- That is like 6 cents per L. (that is a tax on top of a tax)
Hair cut
Massage therapy

Anything that requires labour around your house- plumber, electrician, painting, grass cutting ext.

Electricity bill- This is a good one.  Look at your electricity bill there is a charge on it for debt retirement charge.  That is a charge for the huge debt the OPC ran up.  Only in Ontario would we pay tax on a debt, and only in Ontario would we increase this tax.

This is just a small list as there is so much much more.

Let talk about small business for a minute.

Mr. Mcguinty tells us in the budget that this new tax is going to save small businesses 500 million dollars.  I do not know how much it costs to fill out a six line tax return monthly, but all small business owners I know do their own.  If you are in business you will know about compensation on your Retail Sales Tax return.  This is when you get to keep 5% of the tax collected up to $1,500.00 per year to help with your administration costs.  That is gone once this tax is combined.  Really it only helps large corporations with multiple vendor permit numbers, not small businesses.

Good news, I thought.  There were two places where we were going to see an advantage to this tax.  First there is no GST on used cars if bought privately and provincial tax on alcohol in between 10% to 12%.  That is 2% to 4% higher then our normal Retail Sales Tax.  Good old Mcguinty took care of that real quick.  He is now saying to make it fair between used car lots, that he will collect the Retail Sales Tax on used cars still.  Get ready for this one, he is going to add a levy on alcohol to promote social responsibility.  This man is using the words social responsibility at the same time as he is raising our taxes, what he promised not to do.

I never forward chain letters and this is more or less what this is.  This one has a reason, it could save you a lot of money over your lifetime.  Please forward it to everyone in your contact list.

Stand up Ontario and tell him we cannot afford any more Mcguinty politics.  No new taxes.

Our reaction to the criminally insane $700 billion proposed grab (pardon our language). Stop the bankers. Stop the bigest hold-up in history.

Octopus making hold-ups and blackmailing the whole nation…Sign our petition, please.

The Blackmailing of a Nation…

Monday, 29 September 2008
U.S House Under Martial Law  -  Confirmed by C-Span

U.S House Under Martial Law – Confirmed by C-Span
Copyright vEsti24

“Mr. Speaker I understand we are under Martial Law as declared by the speaker last night,” Rep. Burgess, (R-TX)

UPDATED STORY BELOW:  Click the Pix to watch video!


Note:  I called Rep. Burgess’ office and asked for clarity on his “martial law” comment.  We were told that his press representative would get back with us.  We’ve not received a reply as of now.  I called again and was directed to Burgess’ website for a clarifying statement.  READ IT HERE

A full-reserve proposal is put forward by the “American Monetary Institute” AMI:

“The Federal Reserve banks would be nationalized, but not the individual member banks. The power to create money was to be removed from private banks by abolishing fractional reserves – the mechanism through which the banking system creates money. So the plan called for 100% reserves on checking accounts which simply meant banks would be warehousing and transferring the money and charging fees for their services.

Give those $ 700 billions as dividends to all families, give social credit to the world, distribute family welfare, education and health, not wars and terrorism. This will give a real solution to the whole world. Change the corrupt system, stop “creation of money out of nothing as credits only with interests” given to the bankers. They have abused of it, give it back to the citizens, locally, through the families. Listen to J-F Kennedy, see below…
Stop trillions for wars and bankers abuses.

Irak, Afghanistan, Iran, Georgia, Vietnam, Somalia, Liban, Darfour, Kossovo, Bosnia, Croatia…

How much for the families ? Nearly nothing, and increased taxes ???

Proposed Legislation which resolves the current crisis:

The American Monetary Act  is ready for public comment
The Monetary Transparency Act is also in preparation
Our reaction to the criminally insane $700 billion proposed grab (pardon our language)

The 2008 Conference , steps in the good direction:
AMI 2008 Monetary Reform Conference at Roosevelt University,  in Chicago,   Sept. 25-28, 2008

Help families, lower taxes, not the opposite

Stop all those hold-ups

Elect strong people able to resist all those “bankers” keen to spend our hard money for tricks

Stop  most taxes, because they are illegals and immorals, a disguised robbery to favor wars and death.

Stop the mass-manipulation

Apply real solutions, not robbery in disguise and more taxes…

Do not believe politicians bought by lobbies, choose free and responsible local people.

Do not line up, take your liberty and your responsability, organize or join local systems.

See the truth and the reality

Join us
Resist the unjust taxes and prove them they have not the right to take IRS federal taxes.

Watch videos from Aaron Russo on internet.

Change this whole corrupt system, choose social credit and social money.

Choose God, not idols

Kick off secret societies who killed so many people.
Kennedy was against secret societies. Kennedy John F. - Photo XL - John F. Kennedy “The presidential office has been used to establish a conspiracy to destroy the freedom of the American people, and before leaving this office, I must inform the citizens of this critical condition.” Kennedy just 10 days before he was killed. University of Columbia, 12th Nov. 1963. True reasons of JFK murder. Sure they are plots, see Kennedy or Ferrayé Please, click below.


John F. Kennedy Speech. 01:35

Monetary and subprime crisis as bad results John F. Kennedy with wife Jacqueline and children, 1962
Photo from Plus lies about CO2 Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Melvin Sickler How was Johnson ? Who is behind ? The History of Banking Control in the United States. A. Pilote Social Credit in the United States in 1932. A. Pilote The Federal Reserve debunked (Patman, McFadden) The corrupt Federal Reserve Corporation. Melvin Sickler World government, terrorism, microchip The Bilderberg Club: a secret society of the richest people. Daniel Estulin A human implanted with microchips, identification cards in the making. M. Sickler Australia’s loss of sovereignty to globalism. Pierre Marchildon Polish farmers fear liquidation by the European Union You won’t be able to buy nor sell catlle if they are not identified with a chip The 9-11 attack: a second Pearl Harbor? Why I am opposed to a One-World Government, by Michael Rivero On the road to a world government A history of the New World Order — Part I A history of the New World Order — Part II Reflections on the war in Iraq. Alain Pilote Microchip update In the news, August 2003 Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII on Freemasonry Kennedy John F. - Photo XL - John F. Kennedy documents CIA Mémorial Wall NSA
Stop bankers and their cupide philosophy killing the weakest.

Choose good solutions, after praying God.

Saint Paul explains to the Colossians that insatiable greed is a form of idolatry (cf. 3:5), and he reminds his disciple Timothy

that love of money is the root of all evil.

By yielding to it, he explains, “some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs” (1 Tim 6:10). Have not money, the thirst for possessions, for power and even for knowledge, diverted man from his true Destiny, from the truth about himself?

Choose Life, Joy, Justice, Peace, Freedom, Responsability, Security, Charity

more on


Hey just had a quick question to run by you,
Dana Ronald here from The Tax Crisis Institute. I’ve been helping people deal with state and federal tax issues for more than 30 years.
The reason I’m reaching out to you is because of your article (which I really enjoyed reading by the way):
Coincidently, I wrote a very detailed guide on a similar topic (How to Estimate Federal Taxes). I was wondering if you could reference and link to my article as well (since it’s up to date and extensively researched). I’m quite certain your readers will appreciate the updated reference and it would be a great addition to your already fantastic piece.
Let me know what you think.
Kind Regards,
Dana Ronald
Tax Crisis Institute

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2 réponses sur “No more taxes paid by humans but only by robots and machines, why and how ?”

  1. I am Counting on

    Energy From GOD Our Sun Free Energy. Very good our churches installing solar panels. For all that live near by and all that see this on our Churches. If your Local Government will not look to the Future go to a Church.

    The Island of Maui in the Pacific Ocean is truly a Tropical Paradise like many of the Hawaii Islands that has used Solar and wind Energy for many years. Its Seascapes are as Beautiful as its Landscapes. Many like Hana’s by Kipahulu in Maui were the coffee maker runs on the Sun Solar Power. Her freshly picked Tropical fruit smoothies are the greatest. You make the electrical power on a bicycle for the blender to run. Banana, Mango, Papaya, Guava and of course My favorite Coconut and Pineapple are just some of what you can make.

    Many of us that live and visit Maui already have Solar and Wind Energy. Very soon many more will and some day most all will be cutting the line to the Power Utilities Grid. Stopping them from putting their hands in our pocket book.

    Free Energy from the Sun. WHY pay for it, to some one else? Your Local Utility Provider is NOT A valuable resource in Your Time Of Financial Need. Or the GOV they just want to TAX you more. LOOK TO SOLAR AND WIND ENERGY on the internet it has been the learning platform for our Schools and Universities for Years. In this case look to the House of GOD. It has always been the best place for the truth. The Church and the Bible.

    Many in the Island of Maui and other Islands have been off the Grid for years.

    There are many Reasons Home Owners Should Consider Going Solar there has to be at least 100 Good Reasons. Soon Hawaii will Lead with showcasing Solar Energy To the World.

    GOD Bless for the good work all do to Help the Church Light the Way.

    Now if we can only get our World Leaders to Read the Bible More, and look to the real Paradise Heaven not Hell, and stay out of our Pocket books.

    The Lord’s little Helper

    Paul Felix Schott

    Our Libraries and Schools should have gone Solar long ago.

  2. Hey just had a quick question to run by you, Dana Ronald here from The Tax Crisis Institute. I’ve been helping people deal with state and federal tax issues for more than 30 years. The reason I’m reaching out to you is because of your article (which I really enjoyed reading by the way): Coincidently, I wrote a very detailed guide on a similar topic (How to Estimate Federal Taxes). I was wondering if you could reference and link to my article as well (since it’s up to date and extensively researched). I’m quite certain your readers will appreciate the updated reference and it would be a great addition to your already fantastic piece. Here’s my article: Let me know what you think. Kind Regards, Dana RonaldTax Crisis Institute

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