Programme for Saturday 21 April

Programme for Saturday 21 April 2018 
Location: Les Ateliers de la Côte, L.A.C. in Etoy / Morges
8h30 Registration and welcome coffee. Pre-Vote: YES or NO to Swiss Full Currency or Swiss Positive Money referendum ?
9.00 Welcome by the Thury and Schneiter families.
Introduction and presentation by:
Mr Etienne Chouard (teacher and blogger, spokesman for the No to the 2005 European Constitution, activist for a people’s democracy by the people and for the people), 
Mr François de Siebenthal, (organiser, author, HEC economist, lawyer, diplomat)
Mr. Gérard Foucher (artist and author of books on money) who will present the Just Money Movement 
9:15 at your choice:
Chloé Frammery (Math teacher), Mathieu Despont (engineer) and Bernard Dugas (engineer) : Donation, barter, interest credit, mutual accounting (see
Lectures by Mr Etienne Chouard, Mr Philippe Bourcier de Carbon and Mr Gérard Foucher with Mr C. Sutter 
11h40 For a simple alternative currency in booklet form: Miss Sonja Mletzkowsky and…
11.50 Mr Marc Studer (AAA+ member) : to a new SNB 4.1? (see
12h00 Historical short: Mr Patrick Dimier (lawyer) and 12h10 Mr David P. Vincent (computer scientist)
12h20 Explanation of alternative currencies, by M. Simon Rauber (Prés.Monnaie La Grue et chef de chantier)
12h30 The next concrete steps: Mr Jean-Marc Heim (lawyer). Visit of the exhibition of the creative works, selection votes of the best works and Meals: Food trucks
13h20 The state of play in perspective. Mr. Claude Reymond (CGAS Union Secretary – Geneva Union Action Community)
13h30 A real problem, the gap between abundant production and too limited purchasing power by Renaud Laillier, lecturer and trainer at the Louis Even Institute in Africa, Ecuador, Canada….
13h40 Monitoring of the current situation and future prospects, demography, trends? by M. Philippe Bourcier de Carbon (founder of Airama, researcher at the Institut national d’études démographiques, l’Ined, Dr, statistician, economist, disciple of Maurice Allais, Nobel Prize in economics, see
Full change, a solution?  OUI :
14.00 Presentation of the “Full Currency” initiative by Mr Hansruedi Weber, Chairman of the initiative
14h10 Philippe Mastronardi, and the academic vision, Prof. . Dr. iur, editor of
14.20 Implementation by Mr Christian Gomez (former Director of a major French bank)
14h30 Mr. Gérard Foucher (artist and author of books and videos on money)
14h40 Mr Etienne Chouard (teacher and activist)
14h50 Direct payments to individuals, cantons and the confederation: Mr Mathieu Despont, Synthéticien 
15.00 Break
Full change, a solution?  NON : 
15.30 Ms Eva Zaki, asset manager and co-founder of the alternative currency “Le Léman”, Mr François Schaller (freelance journalist and former editor-in-chief of Agefi) and Mr Jean-Pierre Roth (a. Chairman of the SNB Board of Directors.  From 2001 to 2009, Governor of the IMF and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Admin. Nestlé and Swatch Group)
16h30 to 18h30 Panel Questions from the audience with all speakers, moderated by François de Siebenthal 
18h30 Final vote: YES or NO to Swiss Full Currency or Swiss Positive Money referendum ? Have participants changed their minds?  
Musical interlude offered by a sponsor, Concert Recital Singing – Piano, Sonja Mletzkowsky, Mezzo Soprano, Mihai Boïtan Piano, Works by Mozart, Saint-Saëns, Verdi, Massenet…. and Food trucks.
20h00-22h00 Continuation of discussions with those who so wish.
Free admission, hat for donations that will cover our expenses.
Donations encouraged by PAC 17-407173-7 Federal initiative PPD-IMF, Lausanne

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