Swiss Bank Secrecy ?




on October 10th, 2018, 09.15 in Lausanne (Click LINK)

Public Hearing: Can Swiss Bank Secrecy be applied extra-territorially or not that is the key question!

It is ultra highly exceptional that the Federal Court of Switzerland decides to perform a public debate about any legal case. However, if the five judges do not agree on the verdict, one of the judges requests a public hearing or the head judge wants to have a public debate, then, under Swiss law civil society is invited to listen to the arguments of the judges. Based on experience such a public hearing could last up to 3 to 5 hours and therefore will provide a brilliant insight of the entire legal case and more importantly: THE FINAL SWISS VERDICT. In this case  it is clearly not about the whistleblower case Rudolf Elmer, it is about the key questions: 
“Swiss Bank Secrecy to be or not to be” 
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An other acquittal (Higher Court of Zurich`s verdict was an acquittal on August 19th, 2016)  would definitely mean that SWISS BANK SECRECY ends on the border of Switzerland and therefore offshore structures such as Trusts, Companies, Special Purpose vehicles who are legally set up and domiciled in e.g. Cayman, British Vergin Islands, Isle of Man etc. holding a Swiss Bank account with a Swiss bank domiciled in Switzerland will not be protected anymore outside Switzerland! 
The head judges will be Mr. Christian Denys who turned down the complaint against the present General Counsel of the Julius Baer Group, Christoph Hiestand LL.M. even though the General Counsel lied in the investigation, withheld Elmer`s Cayman employment contract etc (more here: Elmer`s complaint of October 24th, 2017 and  the federal courts` verdict of December 12th, 2017). The complaint of Rudolf Elmer and the head judge`s reasoning will provide you with important and shocking insight how the entire legal case was handled by Swiss Authorities and gives you key information to the Public Hearing of the Federal Court October 10th, 2018.
Finally, one has to register in order to attend the Public Hearing of the Federal Court of Switzerland on October 10th, 2018, 09.15 AM (limited seats, weblink for registration)
After 14 years of numerous legal battles it appears that a final decision is in sight in respect of the violation of Swiss Bank Secrecy or will the Federal Court of Switzerland return the entire case to the Higher Court of Zurich to revise its decision to charge Elmer with CHF 320`000 legal fees!
Federal Court of Switzerland
Head judges:  Mr. Christian Denys
other judges:  Mrs. Laura Jacquemoud-Rossari, Mr. Yves Rüedi, other two unknown.

These judges forced Rudolf Elmer to spend a big part of his pension fund money to pay his lawyer Ganden Tethong otherwise he would not have any defence in the Federal Court of Switzerland!

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