To be done now, before the collapse

The Matrix idea is simply to ask that people agree on the use of interest-free loans for public capital projects because it is such a fertile concept and one that people can find in common. After that  people can happily propose this or that (e.g.traditional Binary Economics) but somebody, somewhere, has to make the move to find some agreement and engender co-operation because, at the rate things are going (particularly in the USA), the likelihood alternative is fascism. 
In 2002 Bernad Lietaer (Future of Money) told Peter Challen and I that he thought the global economy was moving to destruction, that the present system would not/could not be altered and so complementary currencies were the necessary fallback solution.  About nine months ago he said the same thing to Peter but with increased urgency and the added remark that, after a collapse, there would only be a six week period in which to get out new ideas before fascism clamped on. 
Well,  six weeks is impossible — so, if anything positive is to be done, it has to be done now, before the collapse.
Rodney Shakespeare

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