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      What is Closed Captioning?

      Closed captioning services for online services is the process of converting the audio portion of video/graphic content – with appropriate edits – into text and displaying the text on-screen. The displayed texts are referred to as captions. Captions transcribe dialogues as well as non-speech information displayed on the video – music cues, tone of the person, and emotions among other things.

      Subtitles and Captions are they the same?

      Subtitles, on the other hand, can be considered as a form of minimalistic captioning – in that it incorporates only the spoken dialogues. Case in point, the addition of captioning helps people with hearing problems to better enjoy the video.

      Why Closed Captioning?
      • Statistics: Captions adds viewership to videos by creating an appeal towards those who have an impaired hearing. 5% of the world’s population (around 460 million people) has some form of hearing impediment and that number is thought to climb up to 900 million by 2050. Help your products create a change in the lives of people who are hard of hearing by the use of captions.
      • Non-native speakers: Accents and dialects are difficult to understand even for an experienced user of language. Captioning Services for e-learning courses can help students pick up new languages easily. Captions help non-native speakers in experiencing the authentic meaning of your content. This increases your audience and clientele base.
      • Search engine optimization: Captions – as they are written texts – helps your videos get indexed in search engines. Search engines can ping on these written words thereby helping a new viewer to find your content faster. Corporate video captioning services provides captions that help search engine chime onto the captions.
      • Increases the overall experience: whether watching a documentary from succinctly spoken David Attenborough or rug-and-tug documentary of Steve Irwin fighting a croc, closed captioning services helps with overall understanding, and experience of video watching.
      Closed Captioning vs. Open Captioning: Which One to Choose?

      Open captioning is captioning burned into a video – they are permanently there. They cannot be turned off/on (unlike closed captioning). They are also affected by the video quality. They also do not provide the additive benefits of search engine optimization. Also, FCC mandates closed captioning (emphasis on closed) to reflect what is in the program’s audio track by matching the dialogue, music, and sounds, and identifying the speakers. One advantage of open captioning is that it does not require special functionality media player so it is often employed by cinemas to provide captioning.

      Captioning Services for Online Services

      Online captioning services are known for their professionalism, confidentiality, and utmost regard to work ethics. Captioners are well versed in different dialects, slangs, and cultural references. Captioning services provide academic captioning services to captioning services for marketing company such that academic brains to marketing brawls get the benefit.

      Online video captioning services ensure convenience, excellent-quality, and fast turnovers at transparent rates. Using online captioning is as easy as ABC – you begin by uploading the video you want to be captioned. The content is forwarded to captioner(s) (depending on volume and need). Once captioning for the content is completed, the second set of eyes (and ears) goes over the completed project ensuring captions are of the finest quality.

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