Project micro-tax, micro-tax, mini-tax, mini-participation, micro-Tobin, zero-tax, max AVS …

Given the huge masses of monetary creations and speculative financial flows not taxed, more than 5 tera dollars or 5 trillion Anglo-Saxon, given the abuse including monetary creations in nanosecond … The Confederation, the Cantons and Commons must undertake a comprehensive tax reform that takes into account technical progress in favor of the Sovereign. To remove the federal provisional regime and ensure better tax-free pensions, this Swiss initiative is conceived in general terms as follows:



  • Delete all tax returns for natural and legal persons
  • Impose all financial transactions made in electronic payment systems
  • Automate the mechanism of tax deduction
  • Guarantee the revenues of the Federal State, cantons, municipalities and public bodies in charge of social services or public interest
  • Reduce the operating costs of tax services
  • Transparency of financial transactions
  • Fight against tax evasion and optimization, niches and tax shields
  • Respect international tax law

From Nobel Prize Maurice Allais…. “These are fundamental reforms that affect the everyday lives of millions of citizens. These indispensable reforms have not been realized, nor even envisaged, either by the liberals justly concerned to favor the efficiency of the economy, or by the socialists justly attached to the fairness of the distribution of incomes. have been constantly blinded by the incessant repetition of pseudo-truths

Art. 128 Micro-tax new –

1 The Confederation and the Cantons receive a tiny micro-tax at a single rate per thousand on all cashless payment transactions, for each debit and for each credit of all scriptural currencies, which thus aims at the taxation of transfers particularly speculative, the simplicity of taxation and the transparency of financial flows.


2 It replaces all other taxes, fees and charges throughout Switzerland, including VAT. This VAT, “tax” on families, is not a tax but an anti-social tax.

It removes all personal statements of the Sovereign and companies.

With an exhaustive list of low corrective impersonal consumption taxes (tobacco, alcohol …).


3 The proceeds of the micro-tax are paid without debts to the Confederation, the Cantons and the Communes, the protection and social welfare institutions, in particular the Lamal, direct assistance to the elderly, public transport made free as soon as possible and to the Sovereign

4 The law governs micro-taxation in accordance with the following principles:

  1. In Switzerland, cashless payment operators are required to automatically deduct the micro-tax. They are compensated for this purpose. If for any reason the micro-tax can not be taken automatically in Switzerland, persons with tax domicile, tax office, effective administration in Switzerland or Swiss groups have the obligation to have these payments declared by their financial intermediaries, avoiding double taxation.
  2. All offsets, including off balance sheet entries, are also subject to this.

c The tax system allows the principles of universality, equal treatment and economic capacity which must, in particular, be respected. The wisdom of the community is measured by the well-being of the weakest of its members. Bankers in particular are no longer superior to the Sovereign and will be severely punished for possible cheating, including their personal property.


d The cantons receive at least ⅔ of the net profit of the SNB provided for in Article 99 of the Constitution and ⅓ Confederation, which historically includes all monetary creations in CHF or all assets purchased by these CHF, which belong exclusively and in equal measure to the Sovereign (nearly 100 billion CHF created every year for years). Payment traffic figures in all scriptural currencies, including over-transfers and money creations, are published electronically in real time for all. Negative interests on the Swiss are prohibited as they are disguised taxes. Drinking water and air are free. The fountains are all restored.

The implementation, the transitional periods and the appropriate transitional and abrogatory provisions are determined by the federal, cantonal and communal legislations within a period of 2 years. Every judge must uphold the spirit in good faith, including in the face of foreign or Swiss texts. The French text is authentic.

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