The Manhattan D.A has just released the voluntary disclosures made by Dominique Strauss-Kahn on the day of his arrest.
The documents detail Strauss-Kahn’s calls with an employee at the Sofitel about his missing telephone, to his statement during his detention at JFK.
The former IMF chief states that his handcuffs are too tight; he mentions he has diplomatic immunity when first taken aside by the officials; he asks why he is under arrest.
At times the verbal exchanges between DSK and the interrogating officers are movie-like.
The real drama appears to have begun at 4:40 pm at JFK.
At that time, an officer approached Strauss-Kahn and said, “May I see your passport? We would like you to come with us.” It is clear from the prior statements that Strauss-Kahn believed he was meeting a Sofitel employee to reclaim his cell.
Strauss-Kahn replied to the officer’s request, “What for?” The officer responded that now is not the time or place to discuss.
The officer, Sgt.DiLena introduced himself to Strauss-Kahn.
“What is this about” Strauss-Kahn asked again.
“The NYPD needs to speak with you about an incident in the city at a hotel,” DiLena responded.
Moments later, in a Port Authority Precinct at JFK, detectives asked Strauss-Kahn to empty his pockets, hand over his passport, and offer him water. He asked to go to the bathroom.
When one of the detectives began to handcuff him, Strauss-Kahn said, “is that necessary?” The detective responded bluntly, “yes it is.”
Strauss-Kahn then told the officers he has diplomatic immunity, and requested to speak with someone at the French consulate. He continued to demand to know why he had been detained. Later on, he said he will not be using diplomatic immunity.
In subsequent statements, Strauss-Kahn appeared to be unsure of why he was arrested. At one point, he requested being able to make a call to inform colleagues he would be late for a meeting. In another, he said, “Do I need a lawyer?” At this stage, law enforcement officials had not disclosed why they were holding him.
The statements are below:
DSK Disclosure

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