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easyswap.org in few words


easyswap.org is a free and accessible management system accessible to everyone with an objective which permits… To know more…

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Inscription and swapcard

The inscription is free. Any person or entities having the full capacity to sign legal documents… To know more…

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To be a swapper

To be a swapper is above all to adopt a new identity. First of all it is to become conscious that services, by definition, are unlimited… To know more…

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The exchange of services

In order to simplify the utilisation of the site and besides to extend the possibility to those who would like to place their services on the site. To know more…

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The exchange of goods or products

The estimation of the value in swaps of products or goods placed on line is decided by the swappers concerned… To know more…

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Rights and responsibilities

Being a platform of exchange of goods and services, easyswap.org places at the disposal of the swapper the technical means… To know more…

Our aims:

At the personal level, to promote the well-being of the users by encouraging them to make unused goods, services and capabilities available to others. At the social level, to promote the exchange of goods and services between persons of different socio-economic circles. At the economic level, to create an element that will supplement the market economy. In addition, easyswap.org also intends to combine two apparently contradictory principles: growth and sustainability.

Our currency: the swap

Our motto: Make the most out of whatever you have


The first Internet platform for offering goods and services using a virtual currency, the swap… To know more…

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Partners and advertising

Buy swaps that you can then give to your employees or the inhabitants of your city or region as gifts or place your logo on the swapcards… To know more…

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