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   I’d like to share the short very recent report by Aljazeera English on the seriousness of the radioactive pollution at Japan’s capital.

At least one billion becquerels of radiation continue to leak from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant each day even though it is now more than five months after the March earthquake and tsunami that damaged the facility. Experts say that the total radiation leaked will eventually exceed the amounts released from the Chernobyl disaster that the Ukraine in April 1986. This amount would make Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster in history.
Al Jazeera correspondent Steve Chao reports from Tokyo.

   Six months is still too short for serious consequences to appear, but there have been quite a few reports on twitter on such phenomena. And some people even speculate that part of the heart attack, including the one which killed last month Naoki Matsuda (he was only 34 years old), a renowned soccer player and former member of the Japanese national soccer team, can be attributed to the increase of cesium at people’s heart.  Although it’s quite unlikely that your short visit to Tokyo (up to a few weeks) will affect your health severely, it’s not recommendable any more to live there (Western Japan, including Kyoto and Osaka, is still OK, but I’m not sure up to when people can live such a “peace”)…

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