by Eric Encina

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How dreadful are most IMF's and World Bank's debt finance projects. All citizens must use their financial-economic bill of rights, a dividend for everyone. We mobilize you to form a strong public opinion against most debts and all interest which are odious as the major causes of poverty. Social credit provides better solutions for all. The life-soul-killing effects of these evils pressure the Government(s) to implement now urgents reforms. The most important is the money system creation from being debt-based to a debt-free economy without any interest, with mechanisms to provide financial-economic security to every citizen from conception to the grave, at a very low cost without discrimination, and with less taxes for everybody, and thus we can invest in more efficient projects for the welfare, security and survival of the citizen.
Caritas in Veritate and Vix pervenit in action.
So urgent, it is now,,,VIX means immediately, faster than asap.

and NSSM 200

and Kissinger…

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