To address these major issues, His Eminence Peter Kodwo Appiah Cardinal Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, will serve as the keynote speaker.

The event will be in English and French, interpretation services will be provided.

For further information, do not hesitate to open the attached documentation and/or to contact Mr. Stefano Nobile at

Money creation management by the Swiss National Bank.

We are against the system of interest rate, see vix pervenit

but, please, see this film.

At least, the SNB controls and limits the money creation and the profits are going mostly, by billions each year, to the states of the swiss Confederation.

In many countries, they have no more limits and the profits are only private for very fews.

The National Bank and its monetary policy

This film outlines the basic principles and practical implementation of the National Bank’s monetary policy. (Running time approx. 9 mins.)
MPEG QuickTime
Full size (30 MB) Full size (30 MB)
Part 1 (3.3 MB) Part 1 (3 MB)
Part 2 (6.5 MB) Part 2 (6 MB)
Part 3 (6.5 MB) Part 3 (6 MB)
Part 4 (7 MB) Part 4 (6.5 MB)
Part 5 (10 MB) Part 5 (9.5 MB)
This film is also obtainable free of charge from the Swiss National Bank.

  1. NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich…/…

    28 nov. 2010 – At least 5 countries have NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich, i.e. a 0 ( zero, none ) limit, that means private 

  2. François de SiebenthalMoney as debt…How Does the Central…/money-as-debthow-does-central-bank.html

    2 avr. 2009 – How Does the Central Bank Control the Money Supply ( and  the Money Supply, by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich, Switzerland (based ….

  3. François de Siebenthal: Infinite interest rate ?

    8 févr. 2013 – NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich. At least 5 countries have NO limits in money creation…by Dr. Pinar Yesin, 

  4. The interest kills children, kills nations. F. de Siebenthal

    (Laws along this line have already been voted in in Zurich and the Netherlands.)  Through sudden raises of the interest rates and money creation, banks 

  5. François de Siebenthal: Lettre à mon curé sur la “création monétaire 

    25 oct. 2011 – Au Canada, il n’y a plus le limites pour cette création, si ce n’est de …… the Money Supply, by Dr. Pinar Yesin, University of Zurich, Switzerland ..

    The Canticle of the Sun

    by Francis of Assisi

    Most high, all powerful, all good Lord! All praise is yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessing. To you, alone, Most High, do they belong. No mortal lips are worthy to pronounce your name.

    Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, especially through my lord Brother Sun, who brings the day; and you give light through him. And he is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor! Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.

    Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars; in the heavens you have made them, precious and beautiful.

    Be praised, my Lord, through Brothers Wind and Air, and clouds and storms, and all the weather, through which you give your creatures sustenance.

    Be praised, My Lord, through Sister Water; she is very useful, and humble, and precious, and pure.

    Be praised, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom you brighten the night. He is beautiful and cheerful, and powerful and strong.

    Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Mother Earth, who feeds us and rules us, and produces various fruits with colored flowers and herbs.

    Be praised, my Lord, through those who forgive for love of you; through those who endure sickness and trial. Happy those who endure in peace, for by you, Most High, they will be crowned.

    Be praised, my Lord, through our Sister Bodily Death, from whose embrace no living person can escape. Woe to those who die in mortal sin! Happy those she finds doing your most holy will. The second death can do no harm to them.

    Praise and bless my Lord, and give thanks, and serve him with great humility.

    (translated by Bill Barrett from the Umbrian text of the Assisi codex.)

    VIX PERVENIT (On Usury and Other Dishonest Profit

    Pope Benedict XIV

    Encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV promulgated on 1 November 1745. To the Venerable Brothers, Patriarchs, Archbishops, Bishops and Ordinary Clergy of Italy.

    Venerable Brothers, Greetings and Apostolic Benediction.

    Hardly had the new controversy (namely, whether certain contracts should be held valid) come to our attention, when several opinions began spreading in Italy that hardly seemed to agree with sound doctrine; We decided that We must remedy this. If We did not do so immediately, such an evil might acquire new force by delay and silence. If we neglected our duty, it might even spread further, shaking those cities of Italy so far not affected.

    Therefore We decided to consult with a number of the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, who are renowned for their knowledge and competence in theology and canon law. We also called upon many from the regular clergy who were outstanding in both the faculty of theology and that of canon law. We chose some monks, some mendicants, and finally some from the regular clergy. As presiding officer, We appointed one with degrees in both canon and civil law, who had lengthy court experience. We chose the past July 4 for the meeting at which We explained the nature of the whole business. We learned that all had known and considered it already.

    2. We then ordered them to consider carefully all aspects of the matter, meanwhile searching for a solution; after this consideration, they were to write out their conclusions. We did not ask them to pass judgment on the contract which gave rise to the controversy since the many documents they would need were not available. Rather We asked that they establish a fixed teaching on usury, since the opinions recently spread abroad seemed to contradict the Church’s doctrine. All complied with these orders. They gave their opinions publicly in two convocations, the first of which was held in our presence last July 18, the other last August 1; then they submitted their opinions in writing to the secretary of the convocation.

    3. Indeed they proved to be of one mind in their opinions.

    I. The nature of the sin called usury has its proper place and origin in a loan contract. This financial contract between consenting parties demands, by its very nature, that one return to another only as much as he has received. The sin rests on the fact that sometimes the creditor desires more than he has given. Therefore he contends some gain is owed him beyond that which he loaned, but any gain which exceeds the amount he gave is illicit and usurious.

    II. One cannot condone the sin of usury by arguing that the gain is not great or excessive, but rather moderate or small; neither can it be condoned by arguing that the borrower is rich; nor even by arguing that the money borrowed is not left idle, but is spent usefully, either to increase one’s fortune, to purchase new estates, or to engage in business transactions. The law governing loans consists necessarily in the equality of what is given and returned; once the equality has been established, whoever demands more than that violates the terms of the loan. Therefore if one receives interest, he must make restitution according to the commutative bond of justice; its function in human contracts is to assure equality for each one. This law is to be observed in a holy manner. If not observed exactly, reparation must be made.

    III. By these remarks, however, We do not deny that at times together with the loan contract certain other titles-which are not at all intrinsic to the contract-may run parallel with it. From these other titles, entirely just and legitimate reasons arise to demand something over and above the amount due on the contract. Nor is it denied that it is very often possible for someone, by means of contracts differing entirely from loans, to spend and invest money legitimately either to provide oneself with an annual income or to engage in legitimate trade and business. From these types of contracts honest gain may be made.

    IV. There are many different contracts of this kind. In these contracts, if equality is not maintained, whatever is received over and above what is fair is a real injustice. Even though it may not fall under the precise rubric of usury (since all reciprocity, both open and hidden, is absent), restitution is obligated. Thus if everything is done correctly and weighed in the scales of justice, these same legitimate contracts suffice to provide a standard and a principle for engaging in commerce and fruitful business for the common good. Christian minds should not think that gainful commerce can flourish by usuries or other similar injustices. On the contrary We learn from divine Revelation that justice raises up nations; sin, however, makes nations miserable.

    V. But you must diligently consider this, that some will falsely and rashly persuade themselves-and such people can be found anywhere-that together with loan contracts there are other legitimate titles or, excepting loan contracts, they might convince themselves that other just contracts exist, for which it is permissible to receive a moderate amount of interest. Should any one think like this, he will oppose not only the judgment of the Catholic Church on usury, but also common human sense and natural reason. Everyone knows that man is obliged in many instances to help his fellows with a simple, plain loan. Christ Himself teaches this: “Do not refuse to lend to him who asks you.” In many circumstances, no other true and just contract may be possible except for a loan. Whoever therefore wishes to follow his conscience must first diligently inquire if, along with the loan, another category exists by means of which the gain he seeks may be lawfully attained.

    4. This is how the Cardinals and theologians and the men most conversant with the canons, whose advice We had asked for in this most serious business, explained their opinions. Also We devoted our private study to this matter before the congregations were convened, while they were in session, and again after they had been held; for We read the opinions of these outstanding men most diligently. Because of this, We approve and confirm whatever is contained in the opinions above, since the professors of Canon Law and Theology, scriptural evidence, the decrees of previous popes, and the authority of Church councils and the Fathers all seem to enjoin it. Besides, We certainly know the authors who hold the opposite opinions and also those who either support and defend those authors or at least who seem to give them consideration. We are also aware that the theologians of regions neighboring those in which the controversy had its origin undertook the defense of the truth with wisdom and seriousness.

    5. Therefore We address these encyclical letters to all Italian Archbishops, Bishops, and priests to make all of you aware of these matters. Whenever Synods are held or sermons preached or instructions on sacred doctrine given, the above opinions must be adhered to strictly. Take great care that no one in your dioceses dares to write or preach the contrary; however if any one should refuse to obey, he should be subjected to the penalties imposed by the sacred canons on those who violate Apostolic mandates.

    6. Concerning the specific contract which caused these new controversies, We decide nothing for the present; We also shall not decide now about the other contracts in which the theologians and canonists lack agreement. Rekindle your zeal for piety and your conscientiousness so that you may execute what We have given.

    7. First of all, show your people with persuasive words that the sin and vice of usury is most emphatically condemned in the Sacred Scriptures; that it assumes various forms and appearances in order that the faithful, restored to liberty and grace by the blood of Christ, may again be driven headlong into ruin. Therefore, if they desire to invest their money, let them exercise diligent care lest they be snatched by cupidity, the source of all evil; to this end, let them be guided by those who excel in doctrine and the glory of virtue.

    8. In the second place, some trust in their own strength and knowledge to such an extent that they do not hesitate to give answers to those questions which demand considerable knowledge of sacred theology and of the canons. But it is essential for these people, also, to avoid extremes, which are always evil. For instance, there are some who judge these matters with such severity that they hold any profit derived from money to be illegal and usurious; in contrast to them, there are some so indulgent and so remiss that they hold any gain whatsoever to be free of usury. Let them not adhere too much to their private opinions. Before they give their answer, let them consult a number of eminent writers; then let them accept those views which they understand to be confirmed by knowledge and authority. And if a dispute should arise, when some contract is discussed, let no insults be hurled at those who hold the contrary opinion; nor let it be asserted that it must be severely censured, particularly if it does not lack the support of reason and of men of reputation. Indeed clamorous outcries and accusations break the chain of Christian love and give offense and scandal to the people.

    9. In the third place, those who desire to keep themselves free and untouched by the contamination of usury and to give their money to another in such a manner that they may receive only legitimate gain should be admonished to make a contract beforehand. In the contract they should explain the conditions and what gain they expect from their money. This will not only greatly help to avoid concern and anxiety, but will also confirm the contract in the realm of public business. This approach also closes the door on controversies-which have arisen more than once-since it clarifies whether the money, which has been loaned without apparent interest, may actually contain concealed usury.

    10. In the fourth place We exhort you not to listen to those who say that today the issue of usury is present in name only, since gain is almost always obtained from money given to another. How false is this opinion and how far removed from the truth! We can easily understand this if we consider that the nature of one contract differs from the nature of another. By the same token, the things which result from these contracts will differ in accordance with the varying nature of the contracts. Truly an obvious difference exists between gain which arises from money legally, and therefore can be upheld in the courts of both civil and canon law, and gain which is illicitly obtained, and must therefore be returned according to the judgments of both courts. Thus, it is clearly invalid to suggest, on the grounds that some gain is usually received from money lent out, that the issue of usury is irrelevant in our times.

    11. These are the chief things We wanted to say to you. We hope that you may command your faithful to observe what these letters prescribe; and that you may undertake effective remedies if disturbances should be stirred up among your people because of this new controversy over usury or if the simplicity and purity of doctrine should become corrupted in Italy. Finally, to you and to the flock committed to your care, We impart the Apostolic Benediction.

    Given in Rome at St. Mary Major, 1 November 1745, the sixth year of Our Pontificate.

    Electronic Copyright � 1998 EWTN
    All Rights Reserved


    Provided Courtesy of:
    Eternal Word Television Network
    5817 Old Leeds Road
    Irondale, AL 35210

Homo Sapiens Population Is Crashing

Homo Sapiens Population Is Crashing


Culling The Herd Since 1987
by Mark R. Elsis

Homo Sapiens Population Is Crashing

Why Is The Population Of Homo Sapiens Crashing?

The Sixth Mass Extinction

Homo Sapiens Life Expectancy Is Declining

Will We Choose Extinction Or Immortality?

“The resultant ideal sustainable population is hence
more than 500 million but less than one billion.”
Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind
Homo Sapiens Population Is Crashing
The population of Homo sapiens increased since the end of the black plague in 1351.
With the few exceptions of major wars and the influenza of 1918, it has steadily increased.
The population of Homo sapiens peaked when we added 87,014,000 in 1987.
Every year since 1987 fewer and fewer people have been added to the population.
United Nations (UN) population numbers showing fewer added from 1987 to 1999:
1987 — 87,014,000
1988 — 86,336,000
1989 — 84,686,000
1990 — 82,613,000
1991 — 80,752,000
1992 — 79,339,000
1993 — 78,670,000
1994 — 78,544,000
1996 — 75,639,000
1996 — 74,063,000
1997 — 72,364,000
1998 — 70,521,000
1999 — 68,573,000

(See Table 1, 2 and 3 links below for all years and population numbers)
On October 12, 1999 we reached a population of 6 billion.
On October 31, 2011 we supposedly reached a population of 7 billion.
In these 12.05 years we added 1 billion people = 82,987,552 added per year.
How could this possibly be, when the population of Homo sapiens had decreased for 12 straight years (1987 to 1999), with an average yearly decrease of 1,536,750 people?
In 1999 the UN stated we added 68,573,000 (I believe we added only 63,270,000).
The UN started to publish low, medium and high population estimates in 1996.
Every year from 1996 to 2000 there were fewer people added than the UN low estimate.
Based on the UN numbers, zero population growth will occur between 2020 and 2029.
Even in 2000, the UN low for zero population growth to occur was in 2038.

Now the UN is forecasting a population of 9 billion by 2050 and 10.1 billion by 2100.

Are these new fabricated population numbers a cover for the culling of Homo sapiens?

I believe they are.
This is exactly the type of deceit that is being done with most government numbers. For a prime example, take a look at the manipulation of US unemployment numbers for the last 50 years, done by both parties, see This is done to keep the people believing we are growing and everything is fine on corporate Earth.
The original UN population numbers that I compiled in 2000 for
(These population numbers are the smoking gun that caused me to write this article.)
Table 1
Zero Population Growth 2020
If The Current 6 Year 1994 – 2000 Decreasing Population Trend
Of 3 Million Less Humans Added Per Year Remains
The Population Of Earth Will Peak In 2020 @ 6.64 Billion
Table 2
Zero Population Growth 2029
If The Current 13 Year 1987 – 2000 Decreasing Population Trend
Of 2.1 Million Less Humans Added Per Year Remains
The Population Of Earth Will Peak In 2029 @ 6.90 Billion
Table 3
Zero Population Growth
United Nations Year By Year Population Numbers
Updated With The Latest Forecasted Numbers From LOVEARTH
Showing Zero Population Growth Occurring Between 2020 to 2029

“The big threat to the planet is people; there are too many”

Sir James Lovelock
Why Is The Population Of Homo Sapiens Crashing?

Usury spawned parasitical corporations that have comprised our air, water and food.

Predatory capitalism at its finest; culling the herd and making obscene profits doing it.
The following are making Homo sapiens; sick, stupid, infertile and possibly extinct:
(If anyone wishes my full lists of links on any or all of these subjects, simply email me)
Usury In Christendom

“The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to worked so that they could earn their living instead of doing nothing but becoming avaricious.”

Thomas Aquinas

Fractional Reserve Banking
Dollar Deception

Institute For Responsible Technology
The World According To Monsanto (Film)

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange
2053+ Nuclear Explosions, 566+ Nuclear Reactors Built, With 15+ Meltdowns
Deadly Nuclear Radiation Hazards USA
Nuclear Information And Resource Service (NIRS)
EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
Resonance – Beings Of Frequency
Alasdair Phillips Talks About EMFs
Barrie Trower

Chemtrails – Project Cloverleaf
Why In The World Are They Spraying?

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails
The Chemtrail-Geoengineering Coverup

Fluoride Action Network
Fluoride Deception (Film)
Fluoridegate An American Tragedy – A David Kennedy Film
“Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.”
Wendell Berry

Aspartame: Dangers / Side Effects

Excitotoxins by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock
Myth: MSG Is A Safe Food Additive
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Dangers Of High Fructose Corn Syrup
Sugar: The Bitter Truth (Film)
Is Sugar Toxic Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Center For Food Safety
[How do I do it?] Well, it’s always a mystery, because you don’t know why you get depleted or recharged. But this much I know. I do not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness, no matter how tough the situation. I believe that if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against, if you turn to the enlargement of your own capacities, just that itself creates new potential. And I’ve learned from the Bhagavad-Gita and other teachings of our culture to detach myself from the results of what I do, because those are not in my hands. The context is not in your control, but your commitment is yours to make, and you can make the deepest commitment with a total detachment about where it will take you. You want it to lead to a better world, and you shape your actions and take full responsibility for them, but then you have detachment. And that combination of deep passion and deep detachment allows me to take on the next challenge, because I don’t cripple myself, I don’t tie myself in knots. I function like a free being. I think getting that freedom is a social duty because I think we owe it to each not to burden each other with prescription and demands. I think what we owe each other is a celebration of life and to replace fear and hopelessness with fearlessness and joy.”
Vandana Shiva
Seed Freedom
The Future Of Food And Seed
Seeds Of Freedom (Film)
Bitter Seeds (Film)
Factory Farming
Overweight / Obesity

Diabetes Is A Worldwide Epidemic
Starvation / Hunger
Rachel Corrie I’m Here Because I Care
The Three Top Sins Of The Universe
“It is especially important in this discussion to recognize the unity of the total process, from that first unimaginable moment of cosmic emergence through all its subsequent forms of expression until the present. This unbreakable bond of relatedness that makes of the whole a universe becomes increasingly apparent to scientific observation, although this bond ultimately escapes scientific formulation or understanding. In virtue of this relatedness, everything is intimately present to everything else in the universe. Nothing is completely itself without everything else. This relatedness is both spatial and temporal. However distant in space or time, the bond of unity is functionally there. The universe is a communion and a community. We ourselves are that communion become conscious of itself.”
Thomas Berry

Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity
Dangers Of Mercury Amalgam Fillings
Root Canals – 97% Of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had Root Canals
Dr. Mercola Discusses Root Canals
The Price – Pottenger Story
National Vaccine Information Center
Leading World Bank Demographer:
Vaccination Campaigns Part Of Population Reduction Policy
by Jurriaan Maessen
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality…
To change something…
Build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete…”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Prescription Drugs – US and New Zealand are the only countries with Drugs Ads on TV
The Marketing Of Madness (Film)
CDC: Antidepressant Use Up 400% In Past Decade
Worst Pills, Best Pills
Sick Care System / Medical Mistakes – Responsible For 225,000+ Deaths Per Year
Iodine Replaced By Bromine
Thyroid Disrupting Toxins
Lyme Disease
Plum Island (BSL-4) And Lyme Disease
If greed were not the master of modern man–ably assisted by envy–how could it be that the frenzy of economism does not abate as higher “standards of living” are attained, and that it is precisely the richest societies which pursue their economic advantage with the greatest ruthlessness? How could we explain the almost universal refusal on the part of the rulers of the rich societies–where organized along private enterprise or collective enterprise lines–to work towards the humanisation of work?
“If greed were not the master of modern man — ably assisted by envy–how could it be that the frenzy of economism does not abate as higher “standards of living” are attained, and that it is precisely the richest societies which pursue their economic advantage with the greatest ruthlessness? How could we explain the almost universal refusal on the part of the rulers of the rich societies — where organized along private enterprise or collective enterprise lines — to work towards the humanisation of work? It is only necessary to assert that something would reduce the “standard of living” and every debate is instantly closed. That soul-destroying, meaningless, mechanical, monotonous, moronic work is an insult to human nature which must necessarily and inevitably produce either escapism or aggression, and that no amount of of “bread and circuses” can compensate for the damage done — these are facts which are neither denied nor acknowledged but are met with an unbreakable conspiracy of silence — because to deny them would be too obviously absurd and to acknowledge them would condemn the central preoccupation of modern society as a crime against humanity.”

Did HAARP Cause Haiti Earthquake?
The Military’s Pandora’s Box by Dr. Nick Begich / Jeane Manning  
Clint Ober Demonstrates Earthing
Prenatal Epigenetics And Health
The Epigenetics Of Identical Twins
“I’ll tell you what they don’t want; they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interest.”
George Carlin The American Dream

Entertainment / Media / Sports / News = Precipitous Decrease In Vocabulary
Television, Film, Video Games, Newspapers, Magazines, most Books and the Internet
Are mostly violent fearful distractions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Precautionary Principle
The Precautionary Principle In The Real World
Corporations vs. Nature
The Precautionary Principle
The Nine Planetary Boundaries
Nine boundaries identified were stratospheric ozone, biodiversity, chemicals dispersion, climate change, ocean acidification, freshwater consumption and the global hydrological cycle, land system change, nitrogen and phosphorus inputs to the biosphere and oceans and atmospheric aerosol loading. For three of these boundaries, the nitrogen cycle, the rate at which species are being lost and anthropogenic climate change, the acceptable boundary level has already been passed. In addition, humanity is fast approaching the boundaries for freshwater use, for converting forests and other natural ecosystems to cropland, for acidification of the oceans and for the phosphorous cycle.
“Identifying and quantifying planetary boundaries that must not be transgressed could help prevent human activities from causing unacceptable environmental change.”
Johan Rockström
Biodiversity (see next section for more)
One species goes extinct every 144 seconds
Has The Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Already Arrived?
Non-Renewable Dirty Energy – Oil, Coal, Gas, Nuclear – Into Clean Renewable Energy
Solar, wind, energy efficiency, wave energy, tidal and current energy, ocean thermal energy conversion, geothermal, biomass, smart grid, micro grid, smart homes, energy storage and net metering / reverse electricity deregulation. Somewhere between 25 to 38 years we could have, and better have, the Earth running on 95%+ renewable energy.
Solar Energy International
Most Efficient Solar Panel Converts 33.9 Percent
Home Power Magazine: Solar, Wind, Water, Design, Build
Wind Is The Cheapest Power Source In The World
American Wind Energy Association
Wind Map Of USA, Realtime Animation
Acidification (from extra CO2 intake), Over-Fishing (90% or more of the large fish are already gone), Plastics, Garbage, Nuclear Waste, Temperature Increase (Expansion), Dying Coral Reefs, Abused Wetlands, Lakes, Rivers and Streams. Cumulatively, what we are doing to our Oceans, is beyond alarming. This must be turned around at once.
Captain Charles Moore On The Seas Of Plastic (Ted Speech)
The Future Of The Ocean Past (Video and Text)
Big-Fish Stocks Fall 90 Percent Since 1950, Study Says
“If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.”
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
We should never feel like we’re going too far in breaking the law, because whatever laws you break to liberate animals or to protect the environment are very insignificant compared to the laws that are broken by that parliament of whores in Washington. They are the biggest lawbreakers, the biggest destroyers, the biggest mass-murderers on this planet right now.”
Captain Paul Watson
Fresh Water – Scarcity, Quality, Aquifers, Infrastructure, Wells, Fluoridation, Drugs
Water, Consciousness And Intent
Dr. Gerald Pollack High Quality Water

Environmental Speech At UN Meeting (From a twelve year old girl)

by Severin Suzuki
“Famine seems to be the last, the most dreadful resource of nature. The power of population is so superior to the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race. The vices of mankind are active and able ministers of depopulation. They are the precursors in the great army of destruction; and often finish the dreadful work themselves. But should they fail in this war of extermination, sickly seasons, epidemics, pestilence, and plague, advance in terrific array, and sweep off their thousands and ten thousands. Should success he still incomplete, gigantic inevitable famine stalks in the rear, and with one mighty blow, levels the population with the food of the world.”
Thomas Robert Malthus

The Sixth Mass Extinction
The extinction of another species is the number one sin in the universe.

Homo sapiens are causing the sixth mass extinction of Earth (one every 144 seconds).
“The one process now going on that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us.”
E. O. Wilson
The following are just few of the better-known species near extinction:
There are only 6 of 9 Tiger subspecies remaining in existence (around 3,000 Tigers)
Siberian Tiger
Sumatran Tiger
South China Tiger
Malayan Tiger
Indochinese Tiger
Bengal Tiger
“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
Aldo Leopold
Javan Rhinoceros
Golden-Headed Langur
Black-Footed Ferret
Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Giant Panda
Florida Panther
Polar Bear
Iberian Lynx
Saiga Antelope
Silky Sifafka
Amur Leopard
“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”
Dian Fossey
Mountain Gorilla
Cross River Gorilla
Sumatran Orangutan
Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps
Bonobo – Why are Homo sapiens extinguishing the species closest to them by DNA?
The Bonobo is matriarchal, they are peaceful, share food, play, make love all the time.
We are extinguishing a loving and peaceful cooperative system, the opposite of ours.
Homo sapiens – are racing towards extinction (passing our Omega point) immortality and singularity at nearly the same rate.
The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself, and without losing the right to be called civilized.”
Rachel Carson

Scientists Warn Of Sperm Count Crisis
Biggest-Ever Study Confirms Drastic Decline In Male Reproductive Health
Between 1989 And 2005, Average Sperm Counts Fell By A Third
In The Study Of 26,000 Men, Increasing Their Risk Ofinfertility.
The Amount Of Healthy Sperm Was Also Reduced, By A Similar Proportion.
by Jeremy Laurance

Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction
We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception,
about abortion, about values that control population,
because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis.
Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left
to do a great deal of ecological damage.”
Mikhail Gorbachev

CDC Reports Decline In Life Expectancy
by Mark Stibich, Ph.D.

Heart Disease Remained The Leading Cause Of Death
In The United States, Followed By Cancer
The Fruits Of Neoliberalism: Declining Life Expectancy For Some
A Potential Decline In Life Expectancy In The United States In The 21st Century
by S. Jay Olshansky, Ph.D., Douglas J. Passaro, M.D., Ronald C. Hershow, M.D.,
Jennifer Layden, M.P.H., Bruce A. Carnes, Ph.D., Jacob Brody, M.D.,
Leonard Hayflick, Ph.D., Robert N. Butler, M.D.,
David B. Allison, Ph.D., and David S. Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D.

Falling Behind: Life Expectancy In US Counties

From 2000 To 2007 In An International Context
by Sandeep C Kulkarni, Alison Levin-Rector, Majid Ezzati and Christopher JL Murray
Americans Die Younger Than Others In Rich Nations
In A Study Comparing Health In Developed Countries,
The U.S. Ranked At Or Near The Bottom In Life Expectancy For Both Men And Women.
by Liz Szabo
“I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the consciences of the devout or to restrain the ambitions of nationalists. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.”
Bertrand Russell
Will We Choose Extinction Or Immortality?
As I mention earlier, Homo sapiens are racing towards extinction (passing our Omega point) immortality and singularity at nearly the same rate. For all we have done and are still doing that is detrimental to ourselves, our fellow species and our Mother Earth, we will soon cross our irreversible, Omega point. Once passed, life will be on an ever increasingly nightmarish slippery slope, till finally, Homo sapiens are extinct.
All larger organisms, including ourselves, are living testimonies to the fact that destructive practices do not work in the long run. In the end, the aggressors always destroy themselves, making way for others who know how to cooperate and get along. Life is much less a competitive struggle for survival than a triumph of cooperation and creativity.”
Fritjof Capra
Or, today we turn it around 180 degrees from the endless destruction, into a creative cooperation of Earth. If we immediately do this, we may very well make it through what I call; the atomic hump in Human evolution. This atomic hump is the final evolutionary weeding out of a corrupt species before enlightenment and immortality can occur.
Mondragon Cooperative Corporation
Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (Videos)
We still have this choice, extinction or immortality. But time is quickly running out to make the choice. I am not trying to scare you, but if we do not decide to totally change our ways, our decision will soon be made for us. This is the most important issue there is, the survival of our species. The decision we make now will decide our fate, forever.
“We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all.”
Wangari Maathai
If we do see the light and change our ways, we will soon be able to become immortal. With immortality, a whole host of new problems must be solved and morality thought through. Like, who lives (forever), who dies and who or how many can be born?
“No one person has to do it all but if each one of us follows our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do, and together we will come up with enough to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment.”
John Denver
We are also racing towards, singularity, and with it, self-replication. Again issues with many new problems in need of solutions. I do believe the computational power of the computer can help us make the correct decision of sustainability / immortality, in time. We can change to creative cooperation, with debt free money, for everyone on Earth.
If we don’t, the extinction of Homo sapiens will occur. Taken out by the parasite, usury.
The Debt Money System (wonderfully explained by a twelve year old girl from Canada)
by Victoria Grant
Here are the simple facts of the great betrayal. Wilson and House knew that they were doing something momentous. One cannot fathom men’s motives and this pair probably believed in what they were up to. What they did not believe in was representative government. They believed in government by an uncontrolled oligarchy whose acts would only become apparent after an interval so long that the electorate would be forever incapable of doing anything efficient to remedy depredations.”
Ezra Pound, in the intro to:
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
by Eustace Mullins
November 5, 2012

Mark R. Elsis

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