The Matrix movies are the perfect metaphor for our times and this
A machine system, the Matrix, (the corporate and financial
machine) is oppressing humanity and using its vital force (ability to
transcend itself and experience Grace, Faith, Hope and Love) to create
its own virtual universe. A group of awakened humans (a chosen
people?) await their messenger. Neo (new, as in new thought and/or new
transcendent law, embodiment of the values of Christianity, Social
Credit) is that messenger. Neo loves Trinity (metaphorically God) and
that perfected love leads him to go to the Machine City (Jerusalem,
the new empire's center) upset the tables of the Money Changers, and
ultimately sacrifice himself to save both the Matrix AND Humanity.
Agent Smith (the unconscious devilish quality of finance, hell bent on
destruction of both Humanity AND the Matrix) pursues Neo because he
barely consciously knows he is the end of Smith's existence (his
paradigm, his orthodoxy as now practiced) and the re-stabilization of
the efficient Machine system (corporate system). Smith duplicates and
multiplies himself (Fractional Reserve Lending) thinking that this
will enable him to defeat Neo, but instead only brings on a quicker
destruction of the Matrix (by piling up more debt) Neo with his new
ideas and correct natural canon of the universe (the naturally evolved
values of Grace, Faith, Hope and Love) instead transforms Smith into
Neo himself (Grace, Faith, Hope and Love) and so the Chosen people are
saved and the peace of stabilization  returns to the system and the
world. Amazing. Perfect metaphor. Analogous in every way to Social
Credit and the natural canon of the universe, Christian values.
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