Campaign for Monetary Reform – News from Switzerland


The organisation for Monetary Reform in Switzerland, MoMo – short for Monetäre Modernisiering meaning Modernising Money – has recently renovated its website which we encourage you to visit here.
In addition, the MoMo team has created an entirely
new website in support of the monetary reform initiative it plans to
launch in Spring 2014.
Switzerland is politically unique in this regard as the Swiss Constitution provides a political instrument known as the Volksinitiative (Peoples’
Initiative) which enables Swiss citizens to launch an initiative aimed
at changing specific provisions within the Swiss Constitution. To do so
requires first of all the collection within an 18 month period of
100’000 valid signatures in support of the initiative. Should this
hurdle be surmounted, the initiative would then be put to a national
Preparations for the spring launch are well under
way, including the draft proposed amendments to the Swiss Constitution.
In a nut shell, the proposal extends the Swiss Federation’s existing
exclusive right to create coins and notes, to also include deposits.  With the full power of new money creation exclusively in the hands of the Swiss National Bank,
 the commercial banks would no longer have the power to create money
through lending. The Swiss National Bank’s primary role becomes the
management of the money supply relative to the productive economy, while
the decision concerning how new money is introduced debt free into the
economy would reside with the government. As is evident from the
foregoing, the MoMo monetary reform initiative is essentially based on
the monetary reform advocated by PositiveMoney.
For those interested in following the developments
of the campaign, or who would like to understand the detailed
provisions, including those relating to the transition period,  please
refer to the campaign website. 
The website is in German so language will present a limitation for many
of you. Nevertheless, we do encourage you to visit the website and if
you have specific questions, to leave a message in English. Someone from
the team who speaks English will get back to you. The biggest challenge
for the team at this stage of the campaign is to find the needed help
and financing for signature collection. The minimum amount of funding
required for a successful campaign is estimated to be 400’000 CHF or
just over 270’000 GBP. Although, this is a non-UK initaitive, should the
MoMo team succeed in putting such a fundamental reform proposal to a
national vote, this would be a momentous achievement for the monetary
reform movement in Europe and across the globe.  All eyes would be fixed
on Switzerland, because success for this small but significant player
in the financial arena would inevitably have a ripple effect in other

  1. Thousands of honest and hard working citizens are saddled with debts and living at or beneath the poverty line.  At the same time the government is shaving funding from citizen priorities such as health care, education, unemployment benefits, job creation initiatives, new start-up enterprise assistance incubators, environmental protection, infrastructure maintenance and local public transportation.  As well, at a time when Switzerland more frequently finds herself isolated on the inter-continental (European Union) and international stage, the government continues to slash public support to our diplomatic and embassy bureaus and our Post office modernization.  Pension funds continue to be under funded and in some cases are being stripped of their assets.  In this environment I it any wonder that our cherished bonds of cohesion and solidarity are fraying?

  1. The above “solutions” are part of a long series of sneaky, underhanded  forms of money grabbing through more efficient and effective parking meters, automated speed and other traffic code revenue generation automation in conjunction with a host of new user pays licences and registration requirements across all pastimes and activities.  As well the regressive sales tax, jokingly called “Value added” has been increased while the categories exempted have been reduced, penalizing all citizens but particularly the poorest as well as the once vibrant small and medium size enterprises (MSE) faced with reduced customer  purchase revenues and increased regulatory costs.  This reality has reduced both current employed numbers and positive expectations for the future, particularly among the young and recent graduates.
    1. Meanwhile the economic reality of production of goods and services, thanks to the many discoveries and inventions such as computers and robots is a constantly more efficient economic system producing a greater abundance of these goods and services but also dramatically reducing the human input required.  This off course results in a not infrequent over production of goods, while at the same time reducing the number of jobs and human hours of work required.  A growing proportion of the population is thus deprived of their “pay-cheque”, their only means to acquire the goods created within and by their own communities.  This unfortunately tempts and forces some into activities for money that are shameful and or illegal.
  2. A new crisis at Union de Banques Suisses  or any too big to fail banks could necessitate billions in Federal Council emergency funds underwriting the gambling losses of such bank.  This means that generations of current and future taxpayers will be paying for the bank’s mistakes, and also get to pay interest on this privilege!  So let’s stop right here and add up what we’ve looked at so far: production results and capacity are abundant having wisely built on our long traditions of inventiveness and innovation, particularly in the processes and equipment used in production; this progress while good in itself, had dramatically reduced the demand for human input , therefore employee or wage workers.  This means for many either a reduced pay cheque due to reduced hours or no job now nor in the future.  No pay cheque means no means to acquire the good which are being more abundantly produced.  Meanwhile, despite having less and less “pay cheque” money, we are being subjected to higher and higher punitive surveillance and regulatory requirements and fees.  And now, let’ get this right, the small minority that has excessive amount of pay cheque money, dividends from un-taxed trust funds, huge returns from capital invested who knows where and in what, the ones who guessed wrong or gambled unconsciously requiring these massive tax subsidized bailouts further reducing all our disposable or purchasing totals, these same people profit again by pushing down the price they pay for products and services since there are fewer and fewer buyers?  Does this all add up for you?  No, well it doesn’t seem to be adding up any better for the hundreds of thousands, millions of our fellow humans taking to the streets in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, anywhere in Europe.  If we widen our scope we quickly see it isn’t adding up anywhere else in the world either.
  3. Two Archetypes of this dysfunctional system are the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank of America and its privately chartered collection agency the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)  These systems were both designed by international bankers and vested individuals  who through verbal duplicity and ambiguity to tricked the unsuspecting American citizens by their Congressional representatives  to permit the “FED” exactly a hundred years ago  in December 1913.  These two archetype are representative of the “Too big to Fail” syndrome so  familiar today—their toxic assets create by the perverse mechanism of private money creation from nothing are hailed as saviours of the sovereignty.  For more than three centuries a small elite group has been creating billions and billions of dollar, francs, yen, based debts for all of us, plus interest off course, using our properties, homes, businesses and public treasures and common infrastructures.  They get the cash, we get the debt!  Our debt, besides being morally depraved, is also mathematically impossible to re-pay.  Every culture recognizes, as do all the moral codes, that contracts which by their terms of required performance are impossible to perform are void from the outset!!All sovereign jurisdictions and many corporations, families and individuals are beyond the point of no return due to this abdication of responsibility in the past at the sovereign or nation state level.  The few nations that have recently tried to resist , such as Libya, have been bombed back into the stone ages of anarchy, destitution and hopelessness.  This lopsided global system of systemic boom (new debts “borrow money to make money”) to bust ( dramatic contraction of the money supply)  is not an “invisible hand” any longer.  The liars’ talk of “fiscal responsibility” was conceived in inequity and implemented knowingly or unknowingly with the majority of head of state, elected representatives and international governing bodies such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) .  Will we continue with our children and their children to be slaves of this self appointed banking “elite” who have created the life blood of our economic exchange system (money) putting nothing in and yet essentially controlling everything?


The GOAL is to regain control of money so that each and all can hare in the legacy of our predecessors and the fruits of our solidarity and search for our common good.  Notice “regain”  control; the goal is to regain the control that has been fraudulently stolen from the sovereign nation which is all of us.  Our Constitution states this , as do most countries, but we insist it must be even more clearly emphasized
This will include:
    The power to “coin” is to rest exclusively with our national sovereign; this  exclusive power includes the both the issue and the volume of money and credit created, and when necessary, the same powers controlling the amount to be destroyed (removed from circulation).
    Administrative salaries and costs of this service will be allocated of course, but most certainly no interest will be charged for the use of our own money and credit.
    The accounting and statistical mechanisms and procedure to insure stability of our medium of exchange will be exercised through coordination of the appropriate public authorities starting, as is our custom, from the commune to the canton to the regional to the national level.  The real wealth of material and intellectual resource o Switzerland, as in your country, are represented by the person, by the small and medium size enterprise and these wealth resources are most easily recognized and accounted for at the local level., as is “counting the economic votes” which is when each individual makes his or her countless buying decisions through purchasing.  Every purchase freely chosen is an “economic vote.”
    The stabilization of the dynamic between we the producer (some of us) and we the consumer (all of us) is continually to be re-calibrated and increased  as automation, computerization and robotic enhance the total national production.  These future discrepancies from what exits to what is becoming will be rectified through both reward compensation to all the actors in this production recognizing on an item by item basis the full and true costs of this new production and by increasing purchasing power to each and every consumer-citizen.  This increase is simply an increase in the monthly dividend cheque of each of us as a lifetime shareholder in “Switzerland Incorporated”.  Our dividend producing share is given to each at birth and is annulled at death.
    The above initiative will be accomplished immediately.  The information recording algorithms for production are already in use.  The detailed data for all producing enterprises with their myriad of suppliers, distributor and retail outlets, including obviously their virtual or “on-line” stores, are already installed and in use thanks to our sophisticated tax and regulatory reporting requirements.  The difference is now this information gathered from us will be used for us.   
    The mechanism to distribute dividends to each and every person and citizen already reside in multiple (too many?) public jurisdictions.  The need for daily sustenance is now, and each day thereafter, and this can be provided immediately with existing records and resources.

    Other important considerations must be addressed to restore within our society proper order and perspective.  A fundamental principle is that the earth and all its bounty was created for all,  and in  recognizing private property, that each should have access to a property that can be called their own, a patrimony to pass within  a family from generation to generation to generation.  Restoring this proper order will require much thought and respectful dialogue and discourse respecting both the Spirit and the letter of the Divine Law .  Some of these areas include length of mortgage contracts, right of redress to those who have lost their ancestral home and property, as well as those seeking to acquire public and private property
    The existing CHF (Swiss franc) Money Supply created through fictional or non-existent ownership claims and therefore illegal debt obligations will be simply cancelled.  Private individuals and cooperative saving groups will be compensated according to their just claims for monies invested into these instruments, but no recourse will be permitted those who are making claim without just title.
        The “reserve” of the National Bank of Switzerland (NBS) will be independent of gold, silver, or other precious metals or commodities which can be fraudulently manipulated by financial consortia internal or external to Switzerland.  The “reserve” will be a real reserve of wealth in the form of seven (7) years worth of edible foodstuffs such as grain, legumes, vegetables etc. and their non-GMO seed stocks
    Treaties, international agreements, standard contracts etc. will all be reviewed to insure they are compatible with both the means and desired ends of Swiss sovereignty.  Any that go against one of us or all of us will be identified and denounced at the Commune, Canton, regional and or national level
    The gigantic savings immediately available by refusing to pay unjust usurious interest on our own credit will make most if not all of the myriad of direct and hidden taxes shown above (#4) unnecessary.   The most obvious of thee effecting our daily cost of living will be removal of all value added sales tax as well as all the supplementary gasoline taxes   Those employed will no longer have their well earned pay cheque reduced by withholding taxes.  Our municipalities will once again be able to initiate ascetic, artistic, cultural or environment conserving community projects where and when the talent is locally available to undertake these enhancements.  Our police and security forces, once again scaled to community need, not to either “fiscal austerity” nor make work politics, will return to their primary role as peace and security custodians rather than their current  primary role as tax revenue collectors and parking meter maids.

A restoration of our society of this magnitude will include transitional provisions.
    The Confederation to create on a per family size basis the requisite sized “Solidarity Fund” in a national purse.
    This national pure will then be dispersed to the Cantons using the same demographic distribution modelling determining representative seat in the Plenum of the Federal Assembly
    A referendum currently underway will determine Yes or No to restricting the highest paid salary in an organization, private, public, or NGO, to a maximum of 12X that of the lowest paid.  Another provision being voted upon could limit the maximum compensation to $500,000 per annum.

    To further reposition “money” from it current god-like, idolatrous status ruling mankind to its proper role as a useful tool serving all mankind, a number of provisions will be introduced restricting trading on margin, “short selling” credit default swaps etc.  The key principle to be employed will include i)full existing title of ownership and ii)full payment.  To reduce arbitrage trading {EDITOR; arbitrage trading is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance; traders have been known to buy and sell in the same two areas hundred of times in a single day taking advantage of their not paying any transaction costs to capitalize of minute second by second price swings ]) in both stocks and currencies a price will be listed for the day   A number of sophisticated reforms a outlined by Maurice Allais, French Nobel Prize winner in Economics the thrust of which is to return the gambling mindset” from financial instrument and markets, a mindset, that while it ha always been present in the minds and actions of a few, has since the early nineteen seventies grown into endemic proportion to the extent that it may very well being the standard governing principle—the lives and livelihoods of billions of us being determined by a few who look on life as nothing but one giant ,non-top casino.   

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