Affiliate Program
Table of Contents
1. Welcome Letter
2. Introduction-what is an affiliate program?
3. How to sign up & get started
4. Suggestions on how to get the most out of the affiliate program
Dear Affiliate,
Welcome to the Affiliate Program!
Thank you for looking at our Affiliate Program. We have designed the program to benefit
your organization – financially of course, but also by increasing traffic to your website
and by enhancing the message and image of your organization.
Your participation in the program will also serve to spread the word about Demographic
Winter: the decline of the human family. Most people are unaware of much of the
information provided by the scholars in Demographic Winter. Your active participation
in the Affiliate Program will help increase awareness about these important issues.
Please consider the extra benefits of becoming a Partner or Advocate.
Again, thank you for participating and helping to promote this important film!
Barry McLerran
Introduction to the Affiliate Program
The Affiliate Program is designed to reward YOU for promoting Demographic Winter
How it works:
1. You select which promotion tool(s) (referred to in this document as “Creative’s”)
you would like to use to promote the film
a. Banner Ads
b. Trailer Links
c. Text Links
d. Invisible Codes
Add theses Tools to your website, blog, myspace, facebook, other networking sites, email
blasts, newsletters, or anywhere else you can think of—just get the word out & watch the
money come rolling in!
2. We track your referrals from those tools
3. We pay you a negotiated rate for EVERY sale that results from that referral
a. We will pay you per sale that comes as a result from your referral
For example: let’s say you add the banner ad to your site and we’ve negotiated that we
will pay you 30% for every sale that results from referrals from your site. Then, in one
month 2,000 people click on the banner ad and it leads them to our website; and 100 of
those referrals BUY a DVD, we will then pay you $6 for every one of those sales! That’s
$600, for doing virtually nothing!
SELL THE DVD as a Partner or Advocate
Give traffic to your website a boost:
The subject of demographic winter is building momentum right now, so increase traffic
to your website by doing an article on the subject, an editorial or a message from your
organization’s leader. As PR for the film and the subject increases, so will people
looking for information on the internet. Why not bring them to your site for answers
and links to the film, thus associating your organization with this important topic in their
Sell DVDs on your website:
As a Partner or Advocate you can sell DVDs on your website by:
1. Placing an ad on your website and encouraging sales
2. All sales coming from your website will be tracked
3. Your organization will earn 30% of every sale from your website – that’s $6.00
per DVD!
Buy in bulk and make more per DVD:
Your organization can buy DVDs in bulk and sell direct and:
1. Make a higher percent profit for fewer sales
2. Use for a fundraising dinner. Give a presentation, show the film, sell the film for
the $19.95 price and ask for additional donation
3. Sell them on your website for a higher profit than if we handle it
4. Buying it now will enable you to use it for a fundraiser before it goes out to the
general audience, after which they will no longer be available for fundraising
5. Use it for publicity for your organization in local media
6. Buying in bulk will get you the fundraising and PR package
7. Selling to your membership and encouraging them to buy multiple copies to give
out will help create a “buzz” around this documentary, aiding your PR, aiding the
awareness of the importance of family, aiding in a wider distribution of this
important message
Please email us for bulk order discount pricing information.
The release date for this film will be March 7.
How to Sign Up & Get Started
Now that you have an idea of what the affiliate program is and how it can benefit you
and your organization, you are ready to sign up and start earning that extra cash!
Please follow these easy instructions to get started. If at any time you have questions,
or need help with this process please call us at 1-800-896-9525.
How to get started:
1. If you haven’t done so already, fill out the Affiliate Program Application form.
a. We will review your application, and contact you if you if you have been
2. After you have been approved, you will be provided with an Affiliate login,
Affiliate ID and a password, and the link to the Affiliate Login Page (which can
also be found on the homepage).
3. Once, you have logged into the Affiliate Login Page, please check your Affiliate
Profile information, make any necessary changes. Also, please change your
4. Next, select the creative’s that you would like to use to promote Demographic
a. “Images” are banner ads that you can select and use the link that the
Affiliate Generator gives you (?) to paste onto your website. (Most
popular option)
b. “Text” creative’s are text that you copy and paste onto your website, or in
a blog, an article or another place where a text link makes sense.
c. “Invisible” links are links that conceal the fact that it is indeed an affiliate
link because some merchants feel that consumers won’t click on obvious
affiliate links. But, do not worry, the invisible links still have your
individual affiliate ID information embedded in their link scripts.
* If you are in a country where English isn’t the primary language and you would like to
be a part of the affiliate program please contact us and we will work with you
individually in setting up special Creative’s for you.
5. After you have selected the creative’s-you should copy and paste the codes into
another document (see the Affiliate excel spread sheet that you can download on
the Affiliate Program webpage)
6. Give your creative affiliate codes to your webmaster and have them put the links
on your website, or wherever you desire the codes to be.
7. Next, check your Affiliate account periodically to see if it has been effective, and
that there aren’t any discrepancies.
The Payment Process
You will be paid the First Friday of every month for the previous month’s sales.
Before each payment date we will reconcile all transactions and contact you if there are
any discrepancies. Please check your account every week to stay current on your activity
Please see the following section to see our suggestions on how to make the affiliate
program even more effective.
How to be more effective
Below are a few suggestions that we have found to make any affiliate program more
1. Affiliate programs work the best when the product you’re promoting is relevant to
your website. If your site is not relevant, we may still approve you to be an
affiliate, however you may not see significant benefit.
2. Banner ads (Image Creative’s) work great! However, if you have too many
banner ads on your website already, then it just becomes “noise.” We highly
suggest you limit the number of banner ads you have on your website.
3. Also, try different placements of your banner ads. If you keep the banners in the
same spot for a long time (depending upon how frequently each visitor visits your
site) they can become stagnant, reducing their effectiveness.
4. Try using multiple referral methods. Use a banner ad, and use a Text Creative to
point to

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